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04 May 20
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Boxing to Improve Lifestyle as well as Fitness
In recent times boxing has become a very popular form of fitness training. Many health club style gyms across Australia and the world operate boxing fitness classes (commonly termed boxfit) for the general public. These classes are boxing, but with the important exception of no contact, therefore utilising most of the fitness benefits that boxing provides.
30 Jun 20
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Cats As Therapy Animals
When people think of therapy animals, they almost immediately think of therapy dogs, usually Golden Retrievers or Labradors of some kind, however, they would be wrong in thinking that these are the only animals that can help the disabled and the elderly. Cats are fast becoming therapy animals and helpers for those who can not do for themselves.
07 Jul 20
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Causes Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome And What You Need To Know
Researchers have yet to find a specific cause for irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. It is known as a functional disorder, which means that the way the bowel words is affected. However, there are yet to be found any physical abnormalities that can explain the symptoms.
21 Jul 20
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Challenges Facing Nurse Practitioners
Over the last decade, the changing demands in health care have resulted in a significant demand for Nurse Practitioners. A nurse practitioner (NP) is a nurse with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing.
18 Aug 20
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Choose Your Colors Wisely with Feng Shui
One the most important things about Feng Shui are the colors you use. Whether its the color of the paint on your wall, the color of the artwork you choose, or the color of lamp shades in your bedroom, its important you choose the right colors to create the ambience you are trying to achieve.
19 Aug 20
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Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment for Your Fitness Goals
Whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned or just improve your overall health by improving your physical fitness, there are a number of different ways to reach your goals, including by using exercise equipment.
06 Oct 20
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Owning Or Renting Physical Therapy Equipment - Which Is Better?
Physical therapists are specially trained in the area of physical therapy, which involves intense knowledge of what the body physically needs following an injury, illness or recovery from intense medical treatment. Physical therapy is designed to improve strength and mobility and prevent future injuries from occurring.
17 Oct 20
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Portable Massage Products: Are They Really Effective?
Not everyone has time for a massage in their busy schedule. It takes time to get to the massage parlor, relax and then get the actual massage. This is often time that just can't be spared by the average person who already has a million things on their to do list. That's where portable massage products come in.
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