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August 19, 2020
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Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment for Your Fitness Goals

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Whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned or just improve your overall health by improving your physical fitness, there are a number of different ways to reach your goals, including by using exercise equipment. There are many different types to choose from, and many different places to buy what you need, so it is important to make sure that you are making the right choice you need to evaluate all factors. Before choosing exercise equipment you should consider:

- Safety

- Ease of use

- Size / Does it need to be assembled or delivered

- Price

- Variety

- Fun


Exercise equipment has to be safe; that is the bottom line. Before you start a new workout routine, you must have your body evaluated for its own health and ability to handle the exercise. Next you have to make sure that the gear that you are choosing is equally able to handle it. Unsafe exercise equipment can bend, break or tip over and can cause injuries that can range from pinched fingers to lacerations, crush injuries and even broken bones. Most exercise equipment will have a tag that indicates that it has been tested or rated for safety and will also give details about weight limits and suggested safe age ranges for the gear.

It is also important to read the instruction booklet thoroughly and if the equipment came with a video, it should be watched.

Ease of Use

In addition to being safe, exercise equipment has to be easy enough to use or you could become frustrated and stop using it. A treadmill is fairly straightforward, and most people can get used to using one in only a few days, but there are some machines that have a lot of functions, different stations and additional parts that must be put on or taken off to perform certain exercises. The more features that a machine has, the more complicated that it is likely to be.

Size: Does it Need to be Assembled or Delivered?

There are some machines that only need a few pins slid in to the corresponding holes or at the most, a few screws that will need to be tightened. Then there are machines that have three inch thick instruction booklets and require a master's degree in quantum physics to even get started. Some machines are easy to put together, but are so large that they need to be placed in their own room and four or five people to move it. A good piece of exercise equipment does not have to be as big as entire room or need a team of people to be good for your fitness.


Before you even start shopping for a piece of exercise equipment, set a budget and stick to it. There is a very wide range of prices to choose from and while that ultra, super duty, top of the line model might be something you would like to have, there are machines and gear in your price range that will work every bit as well. For less than ten dollars, for instance, you can buy a set of hand weights or a really nice jump rope.


If you spend your entire initial budget on one single piece of exercise equipment, you are very likely to become bored quickly and find more and more reasons to skip your workout. Being able to change things is important, so a machine that has more than one type of exercise or a treadmill with different settings can be a better option than something that can only be used in the same way every time. Even a jump rope can be used in a variety of ways- speed jumping can burn off as many calories as a good run.


What good is a piece of exercise equipment if it sits there gathering dust and your cast off clothing? If you are not going to enjoy using something, you will not use it; it is that simple. Something that is fun and entertaining is going to be something you will use frequently.

Exercise equipment does not necessarily have to be limited to the things that are sold in sporting good stores and other locations- remember the things that you liked to do as a child and use those items. Anything that gets you moving counts as exercise including badminton sets, volleyball and others. Take your children to the park or playground and let them play on the swings- and swing along with them. Swinging, especially if you use your legs to move you higher, is a good workout for your legs and your core as well.

Another great idea for exercise is a swimming pool, but if that is out of your budget, then joining a gym that has a pool or buying a pool pass for the community pool is just as beneficial. Make sure that the pool that you are using has lap swim periods so that you can get your exercise in without worrying about bumping into splashing toddlers and loitering teens.

More to Consider about Fitness

In addition to fun and rewarding exercise, your entire fitness routine will need to have one more aspect to be complete: good nutrition. A healthy diet is just as important to your fitness as exercise and should be considered as carefully. Your choice for supplements and healthy additions to your diet should be evaluated by the same criteria that you used for the exercise equipment.


Any meal replacement or supplement that you choose should be safe for you to use. Look for those products that do not have any additional ingredients that can cause you to have allergic reactions. Fruitasia, one of the products offered by Protica, is made from 100% fruits and vegetables and is also 100% all natural as well.

Ease of Use

All of the Protica products are easy to use, including Fruitasia, Isometric, the world's smallest and most balanced meal replacement drink, and Profect. All can be consumed in less than a few seconds and are available in a single serve vial.


All of the products that are offered by Protica come in a number of flavors that are all fruit-based and refreshing.


In addition to the fun flavors that the Protica products are available in, there are other products that are just as fun including Protein gems, a gelatin product, and two varieties of protein candies, Protein Taffy and Protein Twist.

Good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand to get you to your best health and can help you feel better every day as well.


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