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March 21, 2020
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Anxiety And Xanax:

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There are over a million people in the USA today who suffer from anxiety in some form or another. Some people suffer from GAD which is generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder or anxiety associated with depression. If you are one of these people you doctor may have written you a prescription for Xanax.

First let us look at the difference between anxiety and panic attacks. A lot of people like to refer to them as one and the same but there are some key differences between them. With an anxiety attack, it is almost like the suffer has a sense of dread or they are thinking about something bad happening to them. Anxiety attacks can last for a few days and there are some physical symptoms such as restlessness, shortness of breath and even your heart racing. Keep in mind anxiety is not just your normal worrying about something.

With a panic attack, you are overcome with the fear that something is going to happen to you right there and there. Suffers of panic attacks often describe it as a sense of dread that comes on them for no reason at all. Most often, suffers think they are having a heart attack or even a stroke because of your heart racing and the dizziness that can accompany a panic attack. Panic attacks last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. A panic attacks makes its suffers feel like something bad is happening to them right at that moment. Most wind up going to the emergency room at least once.

So how will Xanax help people who suffer from anxiety and panic disorders? The first key is knowing what Xanax is. Xanax is benzodiazepines, which is a drug that will relax the nervous system. Some people have reported feeling the effect of Xanax almost immediately as their heart rate slows and the chest pain they may have been experiencing go away. They find they are able to breathe easier. Some even report at feeling of tiredness which is why most should be careful when driving a car and never ever mix Xanax with alcohol. After taking Xanax many users find that they are able to go about their everyday lives and even try to understand their panic attacks.

The thing to remember about Xanax if you are given a prescription is that it should only be taken when needed. Xanax can be habit forming which is why it should only be used when one is experiencing the symptoms of an anxiety or a panic attack. It should never under any circumstances be used to deal with the everyday worries and stresses. Those who are on it for an extended period of time will usually have to follow up routine with their doctor and eventually weaned off of it.

Do not be ashamed if you are one of the many who suffer from general anxiety disorder or panic attacks. Both can be a scary experience that might leave you feeling alone and afraid. Talk to your doctor and discuss if Xanax is the right option for you.


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