Why it’s Easier to Lose Weight in Summer Than in Winter?


Millions of people made their new year’s resolution to lose weight, but most of them might have already given up, finding their goal too hard to achieve. Now there’s good news for them “SUMMER IS BACK”.
You people must be thinking what’s new? And what’s the connection between summer and weight-loss?
Here’s the connection…. Studies found that in summer season you may find it easier to accomplish your weight loss goals. Want to know why? Here’s why:

Summer Season encourages you to be active:

According to Gallup poll data in 2012, Americans set a record for exercising more often, as that year was remarkably warm. Data also proofs that Americans are usually active in summer and spring season and less active during winter. Some researches shows that one who exercise outdoor at least sometimes in a week are more active than one who does indoor exercisers.
So take advantage of summer season and do some outdoor exercisers.

Less prone to bad-mood binges:

Winter season is dark and dull. For some folks, wintertime means the season of despair. A new study at University of Pittsburgh founds that many people suffers with winter seasonal affective disorder, 27 % stated overdo eating in course of most depressing months of the year. And of these foodies, 90 % of people found to desire carbs more than normal during the winter and 94 % said they isolated themselves more when it’s cold outside.

Hot weather helps to suppress appetite:

Yeah we all know ice cream is the unofficial loveable food of summer, but all in all you’ll found that you are less likely to pantry raids and other carbs in summer season, because heat may possibly suppress your craving. A study in 2013, it was found that people who exercised in a hot environment (86° F) ate less afterwards comparing to those who work out in a cold environment (50° F). This study proofs that hot climate reduces ones appetite.

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Summer schedules made exercise easier:

People found that they get more time for workouts than they did during winter and spring, because in summer days are longer than night. And yes it’s quit easier to wake in morning than wintertime.

The heat made drinking water easier :

We all know drinking enough water can help to lose weight. In summer time, intake a lot of water is not only energizing but it is essential because of extreme hot weather. More water you drink, more full you’ll feel and less likely you’ll overdo snacks. This will help you to gain extra weight.

If you have given up your resolution to lose weight, I’d encourage you that this is the right time and right season to successfully achieve your weight lose goal. Hopefully you can take advantage of above mentioned 5 reasons that summer season is best time to lose weight.

Why it’s Easier to Lose Weight in Summer Than in Winter?
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