Why I am failing to lose weight? 6 Weird Reasons!


Do you ask yourself, Why I am failing to lose weight?

Losing weight is not an easy task. Many people fail to lose weight. And you are no exception. In fact, 95% of the people who lose weight gain the lost weight or even more within a year or so. And this is disturbing. So, why do so many people fail at losing weight?  There are many reasons for it like laziness, food addictions and hereditary. Many obesity researchers are of the view that it is difficult to have any idea how many people can lose weight and maintain it. Now, researchers are trying to find out how many people can lose weight and keep it off. They are also studying various success stories for lessons that might inspire obese or overweight people who are trying to lose weight.”

That 95 percent figure discussed everywhere has become a clinical lore,” said Dr. Thomas Wadden, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. There is no basis to substantiate that but the figure is a part of the mythology of obesity. This magic figure was first suggested in a 1959 clinical study of only 100 fat people. This finding was discussed so often that it came to be regarded as a fact. And without any doubt, it can be said that losing weight needs a serious effort and proper planning.

There are many reasons for failing to lose weight. And the reasons are:

1. Setting unrealistic weight-loss goals

How many times you have set your new resolutions with lines like these: “I will jog for four hours every day.” “I will never indulge in my favorite chocolate or gulp beer again!” “I will lose twenty pounds in one month.” If you look at these lines or resolutions, you can easily say that they are difficult to achieve. It is very common, many obese people set up unrealistic expectations for themselves. These statements may seem innocent from a distance, but if they become the foundation for approaching goals, you are really in store for a serious disappointment. The best way to avoid any kind of disappointment is to learn how to set realistic goals that you can easily achieve

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2. Being extremely strict

Many weight losers or dieters have goals filled with so many imperative words that leave no room for any error and imply demand, such as “always,” “never,” “must,” and “every.” But these words shouldn’t be taken that seriously, nobody is perfect and we all have our weaknesses. So, every time you vow never to touch a beer again or swear that you will lose weight every week by exercising regularly or promising that you will always control your eating wherever you are, it is clear you are pushing yourself up to fail by insisting on perfection. And if you fail to maintain your rigid standards, you will be disappointed with yourself and may eat even more and you will surely feel dejected.

3. Eating emotionally

Emotional eating can hamper your weight loss plans and you should try to avoid it. The big question is: Does stress, anger, or pain drive you to eat more often? Do you eat food for comfort, or when you get bored or depressed? Many people do to come out of emotional trauma. If you often eat for various emotional reasons instead of physically hungry, then it’s a serious problem and the worst part is that you will surely gain weight. If you want to lose weight, you have to overcome the urge of emotional eating. You should make a list of factors that forces you to eat more. Start with a simple step. Make a list of what is stressing you, and chalk out an effective plan to take control of the situation. If possible, write down what you eat and when you eat, it can help you to chalk out a solution.

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4. Getting attracted to bad foods

You should have healthy food in your home. It is necessary for you if you want to lose weight. If you keep bad foods or fast foods around you, like chips, cookies, cake, crackers, pizza or alcohol, you are more likely to grab those for a quick fix when you feel hungry. The popular old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” holds true for food and it is quite relevant too. If you are feeling like eating something and if it is in your home, chances are you will grab without thinking if it is bad for your health or not. So, make sure you clean out all bad foods from your pantry before trying out a new weight loss plan.

5. Not exercising regularly

Cutting calories is just one part of your weight loss plan. It doesn’t matter how much you cut your calories daily, you will get faster results if you exercise regularly. There are many fad diets available in the market that claims you can lose weight without exercise, but the hard fact is the body is designed to move. You don’t have to be full-blown fitness guru, what you need is to start getting more daily activity into your routine. You can start by walking, jogging or doing a light aerobics training a few times each week. You should not make things complicated. You can simply exercise to speed up the fat burning process and get your metabolism rate higher to lose excess weight.

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6. Falling prey to physiological issues

Many times, obese people do everything right to lose weight and still they can’t lose weight. That’s exactly where functional medicine steps in. Studies have shown that many physiological factors affect weight loss plans. Physiological issues such as hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, gut conditions, thyroid problems and toxicity issues can prevent the most dedicated person from losing weight. When you are struggling with these issues, you may derive solace from food and gain weight in the process. Clinical investigations should be done to find out the causes for stubborn weight loss resistance. Once you find the root issues, they can then be addressed and weight loss can be within your reach.

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Why I am failing to lose weight? 6 Weird Reasons!
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