What are the Health Risks of Being Overweight?


What are the Health Risks of Being Overweight?

There are many disadvantages to a person being overweight, they can struggle with all sorts of health problems. They can also be prone to depression and mental illnesses, more of which is documented later. However, being overweight normally comes from eating a plethora of unhealthy foods whilst not exercising a lot, possibly because of an inactive job (such as being employed in an office) or perhaps if they do not do a lot of exercises. Being overweight can also be because of a person suffering from a genetic condition. The stage after overweight is known as obese and if a person progresses beyond that they are morbidly obese. A person can be put in these stages according to their Body Mass Index, although this is a measure which can come under a lot of scrutinies.

Joint Pain: The first ailment which overweight people can suffer from is being afflicted with joint pain. This is because overweight people tend not to exercise and as a result may not be able to use their joints to their full capacity so joints relax and can lose their suppleness. This can mean that the person can suffer from joint pain and perhaps not be quite themselves. In addition to this, someone who suffers from Arthritis tends to be overweight as the additional weight which someone carries can place more pressure on their joints and make them more susceptible to Arthritis which can be a very hard disease to have to live with.

Sexual and Mental Health: This is perhaps more linked with the mental aspect of being overweight than any other ailment. When someone is overweight, they can go into a vicious circle where they do not think they are good looking or attractive and can, therefore, feel very low, possibly ruminating about their thoughts. They may have a distorted image of their body which could leave them to seek solace in comfort foods such as confectionary and other unhealthy foods like fast food. This can cause them to become even fatter and therefore exacerbate their feelings of shame and guilt.
This can actually impact on their ability to have sexual intercourse in a variety of ways. The first is that they cannot feel in the mood to have sex as they may find it hard to believe that someone is sexually attracted to them. This can also make them less likely to have a high libido as their desire for sex diminishes, meaning that they do not want to participate in it as much.
Furthermore, being overweight can actually limit someone in a practical aspect when they have sexual intercourse. They can find it harder to have an erection and people cannot function in all areas as they would like to. It can also be physically uncomfortable for an overweight person to have sex which can deter them from having it and decrease their sexual desire still further.

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Diabetes, Asthma and a whole lot of other problems: The problems do not end there for someone who is overweight. They can become afflicted with diabetes which can severely impact on their daily life and mean that they have to take insulin, something which a lot of diabetics have to take for the rest of their lives. This is not a good prospect and can again send a lot of people into depression as they compare themselves unfavorably to other people.
Being overweight can also make someone more likely to suffer from problems in their breathing. This is because their heart’s ability to pump blood and their ability to inhale and exhale is constrained by the effects of being overweight. This can cause asthma as a person can suffer from repeated wheezing and coughing spells.
If a person is overweight, this can have a lot of damaging effects on their life. However, people can actually lose weight if they stick to a sensible diet which is filled with a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. In addition, if people exercise a lot this can also make it easier for people to lose weight. So being overweight is not the end of the world, it can be stopped.

infographic source – https://renewbariatrics.com/bmi-body-mass-index/

What are the Health Risks of Being Overweight?
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