SlimVox Reviews: Does it Really Work?


There are number of woman across the globe having been undoubtedly struggling with distinct health problems which might be a result of being obese. SlimVox is designed to balance what a woman requires while getting their desirable body weight. You may reach your weight goal as Slimvox insures one to be a head turner in just a month.

Slimvox claims to be actually the solution to a perfect bikini body. Let us take a deeper look to determine whether it stands up to its claim.

What You Need To Know About SlimVox?

Slimvox is manufactured by a noted company Synergistic Nutritional Compounds LLC. What is interesting is that, it doesn’t give you much more information about the company while browsing on the internet, which means that even a registered company address is unavailable.

  • The company is based in Utah, United States of America
  • Solution to get a bikini body in just 4 weeks
  • Lack of complete list ingredient
  • Outlandish promises
  • No scientific evidence
  • Linked to a number of rejected diet pills

SlimVox Pros

  • Enhances your metabolic process
  • Suppresses your urge for food
  • Lifts up your energy
  • Gives you fantastic body
  • Gives you clean skin
  • Supports mood enhancement
  • Specially designed for women

SlimVox Cons

  • No free trial offers
  • Scientific research performed specifically on the complete SlimVox formula are not cited
  • Men should not take this supplement
  • Not advisable for nursing or expecting women
  • Contains ingredients which may not be appropriate for all individuals
  • Don’t use if you are on medication or have a history of medical conditions
  • Please do not exceed 4 capsules per day

SlimVox Warning

  • Untested formula and misleading information presented
  • Originates from Utah
  • Ridiculous claims

What Does SlimVox Claim To Do?

Slimvox is a dietary formula made for women. Its manufacturer claims that it is much more than merely a weight loss supplement as it can enhance the breast size, improves the skin tone and improves your overall mood. You can also get the typical vague promises that don’t really do anything but sounds good:

  • Increasing your metabolic rate
  • Suppressing your desires for food
  • Boosts your energy
  • Gives you a wonderful body
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There are some more crazy claims which seem to be unbelievable, that Slimvox can work in different ways on distinct area of body.

  • Waist: Believed to burn inches off your waist line to get a flat belly
  • Thighs: Promises to reduce fat from the thighs, to get skinny legs
  • Breasts: Enhances your figure by adding lift your breasts
  • Butt: It is considered an excellent ally to get a firm and sexy butt

How Does the SlimVox Work?

SlimVox improves metabolic process and controls craving for food. It enhances energy and focuses on specific parts of the body in order to provide the shape that you needed. This formula will not only help you lose the extra weight but additionally it will enhance your mood. This can make a wonderful makeover for your body. Although there has never been a diet pill designed, either organically or pharmaceutically, which can work on distinct areas of the body.

What Are the Ingredients in SlimVox?

  • Green Tea: Often used to enhance the metabolic rate and slow down aging.
  • Soy Isoflavones: Soy includes various types of Isoflavones, but the most suitable are genistein and daidzein. There are various promises for health benefits of soy Isoflavones which includes easing the menopause symptoms, reducing the heart disease risk, protecting against the prostate problems, reducing the cancer risk and improving the bone health.
  • Chocamine: Enhances the fat-burning and helps to build lean muscle mass. It also showed a marked improvement in subjects for mental functioning.
  • Kelp: Kelp is seaweed reported to be loaded with iodine, a mineral that plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Proper function of thyroid gland is certainly good for metabolism.
  • Irvingia Gabonesis: Reduce levels of cholesterol, helps fat burning process and lowers the craving for food.
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Some of the other ingredients used in the formulation are Chromax, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, L-Tyrosine, Cinnamon, Elderberry, Razberi-K, Passionflower, Magnolia bark, Fenugreek seeds, Fennel seeds, Blessed Thistle, Mothers Wort, Oat straw, Wild Yam root, Don Quai, and Damiana, etc .

In addition to all of the above ingredients there is also a random combination of stuff in Slimvox. No evidence has been confirmed that any one of these ingredients in isolation or with the other ingredients can be effective for anything the manufacturers are claiming.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some users have reported side-effects like Dizziness, Headaches, Nausea and Vomiting, Restlessness and Insomnia, Rapid or Irregular Heartbeat. Green Tea has small amounts of caffeine that may cause the following negative side effects like Dizziness, Headaches, Nausea and Vomiting. Long term usage of Chromium might result in headaches and dizziness, as well as nausea. CoQ10 can cause mild insomnia in many individuals. Other side-effects include rashes, abdominal pain, light sensitivity, nausea and headaches.

What Are People Saying About SlimVox?

Monika- It worked really well in suppressing my appetite, but it’s very expensive for a product that will only last you for a month. For me I did not see any change in weight while being healthy.

Shari T – I took these pills as directed with absolutely no results whatsoever. I was hoping to drop off five pounds in four weeks and it didn’t even curb my appetite. Total disappointment!

Rhjackson – I received an allergic reaction after 7 days. I never had skin problems in my life! But now my face broke out so bad; I’m seeing a Dermatologist once a month for treatment and was recommended discontinuing using SlimVox.

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How Much Does SlimVox Cost?

You can grab your product from the official site of Slimvox as well as from numerous affiliate marketers for $39 .95 per bottle.

What about a Guarantee?

There is a 90-day money back guarantee shown on the official website of Slimvox. But there are several people out there who are actually suffering to get a refund.

Our Conclusion On SlimVox

SlimVox is designed to balance the needs of a woman while trying to achieve their desirable body weight. What makes it doubtful is that the lack of contact information regarding the company itself. If the company doesn’t provide you with its registered based, then how can people meant to tackle the claims if they undergo serious side-effects. If you are searching for a highly effective fat burner, then don’t go with this. The manufacturer claims of whatever the product accomplishes seem to be extremely exaggerated and these are actually raising a red flag. So save your money and try to find a product that can be worthy of the investment. You should always approach a diet pill while keeping your eyes open.

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