Shakeology Review: How Shakeology is a Useful Weight Loss Solution?


Shakeology Shakes Overview

Shakeology is a nutritious as well as delicious meal-replacement shake designed to support weight loss, digestive health and muscle growth. Shakeology is all in one dietary product that enable you to shed off excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Shakeology product of Beachbody is a powdered supplement that comes in a variety of flavors- Chocolate, Latte, Vanilla, Strawberry and Greenberry. The flavors are also present in their vegan variant. It is mainly formulated with 70 natural ingredients that contains essential nutrients to replace your entire meal and also helps you to stay fuller for a longer duration. The product still maintains optimal body functionality if you replace your entire meal. One can drink Shakeology before workout session this can help to improve performance. The manufacturers claim that Shakeology is made with ingredients that helps in digestion, decrease junk food cravings and enhance energy levels to make you feel healthy.

Flavor Description of Shakeology:

Café Latte- This flavor is made from whole coffee fruit

Vanilla- It is made from pure, organic and ethically sourced vanilla beans.

Chocolate Vegan- Made from soy-free artisanal chocolate, 100% vegan and dairy free

Greenberry- Made from fruits that are healthy and green. It is also known as nutrition powerhouse.

Strawberry- Mouthwatering and succulent strawberry flavor is user’s favorite.

Tropical Strawberry Vegan- Made of tangy pineapple flavors and sweet guava.

Ingredients of Shakeology:

The creator’s of Shakeology have developed a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics. This proprietary mixture will help to improve the health of the intestinal tract and facilitates digestion. It is scientifically proven that a fully healthy digestive system helps to absorb important nutrients for the body.

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Amino Acids: The product contains important amino acids likes Whey protein, Amaranth, Camu-Camu, Goji Berry. These help to help the body to build muscle, reduce cravings for food and improve moods. Apart from this, these ingredient also help in healing wounds, improving texture of skin and hair and also supports functioning of brain.

Antioxidants: Pomegranate, Bilberry, Acai Berry, Grape seed extract are the main anti-oxidants present in Shakeology. These help in reducing oxidative damage that are caused by free radicals.

Pytonutrients: The product consists of Super Green Foods like blue green algae, barley grass, chia seed, flax. These help to boost immunity , help to fight diseases and also detox the body.

Adaptogens: Suma root, basil leaf and aswagandha protects the body from stress. They have ability to balance endocrine hormones and immune the body.

Prebiotics: Pea fiber, yacon root helps to promote intestinal health. These friendly bacteria are an aid to digestion.

Digestive Enzymes: There are several digestive enzymes present in Shakeology like amylase, bromelain, protease these help body to break down food and increase in absorption of nutrients.

These ingredients have an end number of health benefits. The creators allege that drink also provides libido support and facilitates hormone. Shakeology is a liquid meal so it has all the ingredients gathered and combined. People don’t need to gather the elements and then make their meal. This makes Shakeology easy and convenient.

When to drink Shakeology?

The manufacturers believe that Shakeology should be consumed daily to see subtle improvement. Shakeology should be taken during breakfast so that it can help to reduce the food cravings for the entire day. One can also take shakeology before workout regime to boost energy.

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Advantages of Shakeology

– It enables you to get fitness goals
– It supports digestion process
– Helps to curb junk food cravings
– Boosts energy levels

Disavantages of Shakeology

– It is not pocket friendly choice the company charges about $130 for 30 days
– Only available online


Q: Any Precautions to use this product?

A: Yes, the product should be use as recommended dosages

Q: By when I can see any Improvements?

A: The manufacturer claims to get an instant result with the use of the product. But the results may vary person to person

Q: Any side effects of the product?

A: No possible side effects as the product is made from 100% safe and natural ingredients

Reviews from the Website of Shakeology

4.0 out of 5 stars The chocolate flavor tastes good, but the price is ridiculous
By Erika Froeming on May 20, 2015

The chocolate flavor tastes good, but the price is ridiculous! I can’t believe they are charging $130 dollars for a 30-day supply that is UNREAL!!

1.0 out of 5 stars… go to GNC or Vitamine Shoppe and get a great protein shake for 20-40 dollars
By Elliott Shemtov on February 8, 2015

You can go to GNC or Vitamine Shoppe and get a great protein shake for 20-40 dollars. The cheaper shakes taste great and have way more protein, less sugar and more necessary ingredients like glutamine and BCAA’s. Please do not buy shakeology. You are paying someone’s salary.

Bottom Line

Shakeology is a meal replacement product that would help ypu to shed excess body weight. It also helps to enhance body performance and boosts energy. The manufacturers claims that the product helps in proper digestion and reducing cravings thereby helping people to attain physique goals. They also claim that the product is highly effective and is safe for use.

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But, it is important to research a product before buying as Shakeology is too expensive. A user regret later if it is brought without a proper research. One should evaluate the effectiveness by comparing it with other products on main factors like: Quality of ingredient, effectiveness, helps to meet individual goals and appetite suppression.

Shakeology Review: How Shakeology is a Useful Weight Loss Solution?
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