Redotex Review: Is Redotex a Scam?


Redotex is promoted online as the best weight reduction pill that will assist you to drop 6 pounds in only 1 week. It is considered as a simplest and safest method of weight loss. Redotex assists you to replenish your body without investing a lot of cash as it is relatively low-cost.

Some refer to Redotex as the “Mexican Wonder Diet Drug” since presently, the only method an American person can use it is via the Mexican border. Redotex started to be popular around the 1980s, when a large number of people drove to the Mexican boundary every year to buy it.

The customers of this pill have always believed that redotex is a really powerful that assists them to lose weight rapidly. The only issue is that the US Foods and Drug Management (FDA) have classified it as harmful. Redotex is known to cause all kinds of problems such as psychosis, depressive disorders, serious diarrhea and hypertension.

Is Redotex really effective or is it just a hazardous pill that no one should acquire? Let’s find out.

What is Redotex?

Firstly, Redotex is a doctor prescribed fat burner, including a variety of stimulants.

The components diazepam,  L-triiodothyronine, atropine sulfate, D-norpseudoephedrine and alona. Under the ruling by the FDA, the drug is banned for sale here in the USA.

What You Need To Know About Redotex?

Redotex is a weight loss diet pill which promises to assist overweight or obese individuals with their weight reduction plans. It claims to stimulate weight reduction by enabling to lose around 6 pounds in 1 week. Some customers have actually lost this amount of weight, though the doctors claim this kind of weight reduction to be harmful. Made by a Mexican company called Medix, Redotex can be purchased online by individuals searching for weight loss diet pill.

Redotex Ingredients
Listed here are the components involved with the formulation of Redotex:

  • Aloin (16.2 mg): Works like a laxative
  • Atropine Sulfate (0.36 mg): A respiratory stimulant to deal with allergic reactions
  • Diazepam (8 mg): A depressant commonly known as Valium
  • Norpseudoephedrine (50 mcg): A hunger controller
  • Tri-iodothyronine (75 mcg): Performs a role to boost the metabolic process
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How does redotex work?
Redotex make some amazing claims that it can assist customers to get rid of up to 6 pounds in 1 week, and that too without including exercise and diet. The nervous system is straight impacted with the stimulant added, and it also targets the digestive system. Customers are directed to take one pill before breakfast every day for 3 weeks. After this period, it’s directed to take a rest for 1 week before beginning the new cycle. It is not suggested to either take multiple pill at a time, or use this item for longer than 12 weeks in a particular year.

What Does Redotex Claim to do?

Amphetamines are popular to get the outcome after using it for a large amount of time. However, since the existence of stimulants and tranquilizers is in huge amounts, this could prove to be hazardous if used for an extensive period of time. The pills are not advised to be taken for longer than 12 weeks consecutively. Customers have complained they have gained back weight after leaving the pill which is again a reason to worry. Individuals with heart problems, stomach issues, and stimulant sensitivity should avoid using it since it will be more hazardous than advantageous.

Redotex PROS

  • Available online and can be purchased easily because they ship to so many areas.
  • Boosts your metabolic process and ensures that you are fit and energized.
  • Aids to lose the fat safely and effectively as well as works fast enough
  • The dosage is not so difficult to be followed.
  • It may cause different and major negative effects due to the components present in it.
  • Possesses many chemical substances that can possibly be bad for many customers.

Redotex CONS

Redotex has been given the shape of a devil health supplement on the market due to its controversial components. Some of the drawbacks are listed below:-

  • The components, mainly use stimulants and depressants
  • The dietary supplement is banned in the US by the FDA
  • No components have any kind of medical or clinical evidences
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Redotex Warnings and Drug Interaction

Redotex is an item which contains Norpseudoephedrine, an Ephedrine-based compound. Therefore, it is not recommended to be used along with any antidepressants.

On the website, a woman stated that she’s been having her menstruation usually ever since she began using Redotex and that even though she has an implanon birth control insert. She can’t make sure whether or not it is the pill which is leading to the rise in menstruation. However, it is essential that consumers make a note of that.

Redotex Side Effects

The Redotex diet pill can boost your blood pressure levels and heart rate. Other possible negative effects include nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. The FDA notes that this mixture of drugs may possibly cause serious side-effects and lead to hallucinatory states, confusion and an electrolyte imbalance because of the possible diuretic result from the laxative in the blend.

How Much Does Redotex Cost?

Redotex is for sale: A package of is available for $125 online. This will last for 4 weeks and for some, this could be costly.

Where Can You Buy Redotex?

There is no official site where one can easily buy Redotex online for sale. It is made available by doctors in Mexico and through unclear third-party suppliers online. During our study, we were able to find out third party suppliers selling it for $125. However, customs agents have been directed to confiscate these pills, if they are brought in from Mexico.

Scientifically, all the pills are being detained and seized. Though apparently, users can reclaim them when they leave the USA and go to Mexico. Earlier the FDA allowed small amounts for own use as long as the sufferer had a correct Mexican prescription and the pills were offered in the original container with the dosage marked on it.

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Redotex Dosage

The suggested dosage is to take 1 pill before breakfast for three consecutive weeks. The 4th week you are required to quit taking the pill for the subsequent 7 days and then you can begin the cycle again. Do not take multiple pill at a time. The pill is not allowed to be used for more than 12 weeks in a year.

Does Redotex have a Money-back Guarantee?

There is absolutely no money back guarantee available for Redotex anywhere we’ve seen. Nevertheless, you’re simply buying it from online bootleggers. Another problem is that you don’t even have a guarantee about what you’re buying over the internet as even a real Redotex. No surety of effectiveness, no surety of validity.

Is Redotex a scam?

The item works fast and is effective. However, it can be possibly hazardous if you consider the components present in it, but because it is most effective you can correctly say that it is not a scam.


You need to know what weight reduction is all about. First of all, it is regarding reducing the pound for the sake of enhancing the health. Most people simply dream to have the sexiest body for impressing the boy or girl next door. If you are that kind of person, keep in mind that you may wind up killing yourself along the way by choosing the best rated weight reduction pill.

Redotex may be effective to assist you shed weight even if you carry on having junk food, but the long-term risks may not be as beneficial. Think carefully before looking for it.

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Redotex Review: Is Redotex a Scam?
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