Nutrisystem Protein Product Review: How Effective Is Nutrisystem Protein For Your Health?


Overview of Nutrisystem Protein Kit

Nutrisystem Protein Kit is a unique product designed to meet your weight loss challenges. When it comes to shedding weight; exercise and diet are the most emminent part of it. Maintaining diet is a challenging task as the foods we take is filled with harmful artificial ingredients which is the main reason for obesity.

Claims by Nutrisystem Protein Kit

It aims for easy weight loss. Unlike other weight loss plans here you don’t have to count your calories. Nutrisytem will provide you with the complete package of food from Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner and snacks. You can combine the diet with fresh fruits and veggies, but if want to skip a day or two from your regime you can’t!

Nutrisystem Protein Kit Ingredients

Nutrisystem Protein Kit is a product of reputable manufacturer in the field of dietary supplements- Nutrisystem. The company is the industry leader when it comes to the production of pre-made meals that is easy-to-use. The product claims to produce significant result in 2 weeks. Though the product will provide you with quick results, but it is quite challenging to maintain them. If you believe that apart from taking the product you wouldn’t have to put in efforts, then you must understand that there is no such thing called ‘The Magic Formula’ to lose weight.

The product offers five varieties of meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks:

The breakfast includes: Granola cereal, double chocolate muffin, granola bar with peanut butter and bagel made of honey wheat.

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The lunch varieties were: Trial mix bar, chicken noodle soup, chicken chili with white beans, caramel bar with double chocolate, loaded baked potato

The dinner had: Lasagna with meat sauce, chicken alfredo, Italian pizza with herb flatbread, roasted beef with potato garlic and turkey sausage with bacon rigatoni

The kit has delicious snacks that included: Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, popcorn made of white cheddar, almond bar with coconuts and pretzels flavored with milk chocolates.

Tips to Use Nutrisystem Protein Kit

While you are taking Nutrisystem you can’t eat whatever you want to. That’s because Nutrisystem will provide you with the diet as per your body requirement. During the course of the diet you have to abstain from drinking alcohol or having food out. If you can stick to prepackaged meals and add only healthy food to your diet this can help you to achieve results without counting your daily calorie intake. You have to buy a kit depending your need and age. Nutrisystem offers diet for women, men, people with diabetes, vegetarians, senior citizens and teenagers. The monthly kit one has to pay approx $300 and food will get delivered at door step. Nutrisystem also allows you to select food with at least 30 options on each meal. You don’t have to cook anything as the company provides pre packed meals. One can buy 28 days food.

Ordering of the food is quite simple, but you can’t have choice or control over your food options. The company also recommends for a 30 minute exercise regime. The program also has online community, one can take support by phone or web-based tools. There is no provision for in-meeting program to discuss the plan or diet with the dietitians.

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Pros of Nutrisystem Protein Kit

– There are no GMO food included in the kit
– Achieves results without starving

Cons of Nutrisystem Protein Kit

– Lack of nutrient content in the kit
– Once you stop the diet, you would be unable to maintain the results gained
– Need to combine the diet with a proper fitness plan


Does it has dietary preferences?

Yes it does, but it does not have any plans for vegan diets.

What are the precautions I need to take?

The diet does not allow for certain food allergies- peanut or soy allergies. Secondly, it is not gluten free.

Who all can take the diet?

Nutrisytem has a separate diet kit for people of every age. But it is not advisable for women to take this diet when pregnant.

By when can I see any improvement?

Nutrisystem claims that this diet plan if followed strictly would help you to shed weight in 2 weeks.

The Bottom Line

The product is quite convenient to use as it combines a range of meals and entire diet plan. There are no possible side effects of the product. But, it cannot be claimed that whether results will be visible after the span of 14 days. So it would be advisable not to trust the product blindly. The plan is not for pregnant women or people with allergies or chronic kidney disease. Also,it is not for children under 14 years of age. One can also use other weight loss supplements that can substitute entire meal plan. Before you chose any product make sure to consider factors like: Ingredients, Weight loss goals and its value for the price.

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Nutrisystem Protein Product Review: How Effective Is Nutrisystem Protein For Your Health?
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