Meratrim Platinum Review: Does Meratrim Platinum Really work?


Meratrim Platinum Overview:

Manufactured by InterHealth, Meratrim is an FDA certified lab based out of California. Meratrim Platinum is a weight loss diet pill that helps you to lose weight in just 2 weeks; this product comes with several scientific evidence to prove it. This product is made up of an innovative blend of 2 plant extracts, Garcinia mangostana, a fruit rind and Sphaeranthus indicus, a flower. Meratrim is the 1st supplement that we’ve seen syndicates these two components for supreme effect. The best part of this diet pill is that it is caffeine free, non-stimulant metabolism booster that means consumers can speed up their metabolic rate without feeling “jittery” or any other adverse effects usually linked by using caffeine. All this really sounds good and impressive but does it really work? Let’s find out…

Product Features:

What is really eye catching about this weight loss diet pill is it’s clinically proven and backend up ingredients. Numerous weight loss supplement propose substantiation, but this product derives with a solid, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Meratrim provides soiled proof that their ingredients are safe and effective. Study done on Meratrim showed reduction in both wait and hip size. Impressive outcome was found while the study conducted over a 2-week period, representing that ingredient of Meratrim offers quick result.

Maker suggested quantity for Meratrim is in 400mg servings i.e. 2 times daily. It can be taken 30 minutes before meals at breakfast and dinner.

Meratrim Platinum Ingredients:

Meratrim Platinum consist of all natural ingredients. Being all-natural, its unique blend of fruit and flower formula is discussed below:

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Flower (Sphaeranthus Indicus extract) – This ingredient is extracted from its flower’s head and is known as Sphaeranthus Indicus extract. It is collected from herb which is also called as East Indian Thistle. It is said that this flower extract may aid as an effective immunity boost and can also ease with diabetes.

Fruit rind (Garcinia mangostana extract) – Adding to formulation, it has the element from rind as an ingredient and is known as Garcinia mangostana extract. It is collected from an evergreen fruit tree which is likewise called Purple Mangosteen, this fruit tree is mostly growing in Southeast Asia and its beginning is said to be in Indonesia. This ingredient offers numerous health benefits and is apparently serving with dysentery, urinary tract infections, eczema, gonorrhea etc.

You can yourself see that the formula is collected from very effective elements that may boost your health.

Possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Meratrim Platinum:



1. This product’s claims are clinical studied and backend up.
2. Encourages metabolism without the “jittery”
3. Does not show any side effects related with caffeine
4. Consists new and all-natural ingredients
5. Studies demonstrate effectiveness over a two-week period.
6. Made up of only two vital natural ingredients
7. Does not contain any simulated components or anything with the prospective of causing allergies
8. Meratrim is formulated for vegetarian-friendly users


1. Research shows that its ingredients can lowers blood sugar, thus it is not suggested for persons on blood pressure treatment.
2. Not suggested for pregnant lady or nursing women.
3. It is comparatively costly

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Is there any Side Effect of Meratrim Platinum?

This product does not contains any stimulant, thus it should not cause any of the common side effects caused by stimulant. However the long term use and effects of the 2 key elements are not known because of absence of conclusive clinical estimation.

There is little customer feedback or testimonials but the good point is that no one had mentioned any side effects.

Recommended Daily Dosage

• One serving of 400 mg.
• Take it twice a day.
• 30 minutes before meal (breakfast & dinner).

Final Verdict

We have studied hundreds of weight loss products and ingredients; and very few products have promising new effective ingredients and Meratrim is one of them. What moreover we liked about this supplement is it is backed by solid research incoming the market place. One thing to note here is that Meratrim is comparatively costly than other alike products.

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Meratrim Platinum Review: Does Meratrim Platinum Really work?
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