Jenny Craig Diet Program Review: Pros, Cons, FAQs


Jenny Craig Diet Program Overview

Jenny Craig is a management program designed for weight loss. The program is specially designed to help users to shed extra pounds and help them to get a figure people desire for. The diet program helps user to maintain weight at a manageable levels with expert consultation, pre-packed foods and motivation. The official website of Jenny Craig is professional and has an extensive information.

It has captivating diagrams with the information which is easy to understand. When a user goes to the website of the Jenny Craig program, there are sections which include: Get Started, Halfway and Transition. The website aims at providing the dieter with the guidelines and information to start with the weight loss journey. The program helps user to prepare healthy foods and maintain a daily fitness regime.

The Jenny Craig program can be accessed from the official website where a user can register and acquire a membership. After creating the profile, the personal consultant will reach out to the new user and would instantly set weight goals. The program will give you an access to easy-to-prepare and delicious meals that would help to lose weight. Users are also given weekly weight loss support- to choose meals from weekly menus and the complete weekly fitness routine.

They also offer premium programs with guaranteed results and money back offers. A user who takes up with the premium program of 12 months at just $20 per month gets access to customized menus and a personal consultant.

Jenny Craig Program Evolution and how it functions?

The Jenny Craig diet program is a part of Jenny Craig,Inc that was established by a couple Sidney and Jenny Craig. The company was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1985. Now the company has its headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

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The company has different management centers with expert consultants who offers suggestions to the customers regarding weight loss. The diet program claims that the foods are safe from hazardous preservatives and components that may effect the health of the consumer.

Also, they provide a guarantee that if a user strictly follows the advice of the consultants the journey to lose weight would be easy.

How does Jenny Craig Diet Program Work?

The diet program is divided into 3 sections as described on their website. These sections will provide different purposes that aims in weight loss.

The program also promises that after quitting the program still the users will notice a maintenance of the weight at manageable levels.

Get Started: In the first section the dieter needs to meet with the weight loss consultant at any place of the choice or at their centers. After the dieter is reviewed by the expert a customized weight loss program is produced keeping in mind the dieter’s goals and his body needs. After a complete examination of dieter’s health the company delivers prepared food to the dieter’s place. The personalized can be supplemented with groceries. A dieter will get access to food shopping tips and menu guides.

Halfway There: A dieter learns to prepare healthy and balanced food. This section focuses on cooking of the guided menu. Generally the dieter is asked to quit the Jenny Craig foods so that they can develop the knack of cooking healthy food throughout their life and maintain weight.

Transition Phase: By the time the user starts adopting healthy cooking skills he will attain a perfect body. So the Section 3 aims at maintaining the diet and lost weight.

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Pros of Jenny Craig Program

– Prepared food is delivered to the dieter’s location.
– The program can be used by people of every age and gender
– Every user gets a personal consultant to guide through the process

Cons of Jenny Craig Program

– There’s no assurance of weight loss it may vary from people to people.

Common FAQs about Jennie Craig Diet Program

Q: Any Side effects?
A: There are no possible side effects.

Q: How long does it usually takes to lose weight
A: With the proper diet you may feel a noticeable change in 6-7 weeks. Though the results might vary for every user depending on the lifestyle and fitness regime

Q: Any precautions that needs to be taken when using the program?
A: Before using the products or taking a weight loss diet, consulting a recognized nutritionist is a must.

Jenny Craig Diet Program Review

Jenny Craig’s weight loss program helps dieter’s with enough motivation to start their weight loss journey. The program offers a balanced diet and a consultant who offers advice on food and maintenance of weight loss. Dieter’s find the second stage of the program quite difficult to stick with. As they have to end up cooking everyday. The cost of the food plus consultancy a week becomes quite expensive. It may cost $100 per week!

It is advisable that a dieter should always check with the other programs and diet charts. One should make sure that whatever food or supplements they are consuming should be healthy and safe for human consumption.

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Jenny Craig Diet Program Review: Pros, Cons, FAQs
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