Isagenix Shake: Is it Really Helpful to Reduce Weight?


Isagenix Shake Overview

Isagenix is clinically proven to be a meal replacement shake. The shake is considered to be of high nutritional value as it consists 23 vital vitamins and minerals with 24 grams of protein and has low quantities of sodium, fat and cholesterol. It helps to grow muscle and shedding weight. One can blend the shake with milk or water to make an instant drink. The manufacturer of Isalean claims that the drink is of high protein value that is made without antibiotics or hormones that helps to promote weight loss and enhance muscle building.

Isagenix Ingredients list

High level of Whey Protein concentration– This would help you for the development muscle and boosting energy levels in the body. It also help to improve health and wellness of the consumers.
Selenium– The anti-oxidant properties of selenium protects the body from stress
Calories– They are derived from natural sources. They have helped in boosting mental health, organ performance.
Active Enzymes– They help in complete digestion
Yucca Root Powder– It is rich in carbohydrates and Vitamin C
Biotin– It helps in regulating levels of cholesterol and support healthy metabolism
BCAA– The branched chain of amino acids are valine, iysine, isoleucine helps in maintenance of muscles
Flax seed powder Xanthan gum– These have immense anti-oxidant properties and also assist in losing weight.
Natural flavors– These help in giving taste to the shake.
Milk protein concentrate– It is an amino acid this is helpful for muscle reconstruction and repair. Thereby helpful in improving the wellness of the consumer.
Low-heat nonfat dry milk– It is used to add creaminess, give mouthfeel and viscosity to the drink without adding fat.

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Advantages of Isagenix Shake:

– Good in taste
– Good in protein
– Money back guarantee

Disadvantages of Isagenix Shake:

– Isagenix Shake has fructose, having too much fructose can be dangerous to liver
– It consist of high level of calories and sugar so the shake can be considered to suited for fitness purpose than weight loss purpose.
– The appetite suppressant is not strong, as one can easily get hungry after an hour
– The exact ratios of ingredient is not given in the website
– Available in online only
– Expensive shake


Which flavor is most demanded?

When it comes to taste, every flavor of Isagenix shake is delicious. Though the creamy Dutch Chocolate appears to be favorite. The strawberry flavor is also loved. One can also try Black Sesame, which can be consumer either warm or cold.

How should I use the product?

The supplement is recommended to use twice days to replace one or two meals in order to get desired results.

Is the product very expensive?

Yes the product is expensive as compared to the other products in the same category.

Where to Buy?

The product can be online brought online through Isagenix’s website. One can also find the product in Amazon. You can buy a canister and prices vary according to your selection of shakes. The standard shipping of the product is free and the item ships within 5-8 business days.

Precautions while using the supplement?

The supplement can be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, but it should be kept out of reach of children.

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By when can I see improvements?

The manufacturers claim that as soon as you take the product as recommended, you would get successful results within a week.

The Final Verdict

Isagenix Shake has a nutritional formula for meal replacement. The product has natural ingredients that promotes boosting health and wellness. The product is an aid that helps muscle development and repair during workout. It contains calories, which would enhance your concentration and performance. Though it is clinically tested by the ratios of the ingredients used is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration Institutions. The shake tastes good, but it is not a pocket friendly meal replacement option. Though nothing can promise the delivery of results on time. So, before you choose any product from the market research more before you buy one. This will help you take preventive measures. Read customers’ reviews from genuine website and ascertain the effectiveness of the product you intend to buy.

Isagenix Shake: Is it Really Helpful to Reduce Weight?
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