Relationship Weight Gain – Is This A Real Thing?


Being in a relationship is the most wonderful phase of one’s life. Especially when one is in the “Love Mode”..!! People have different ways to express their feelings and gestures in the relation. There are two sides to this. On one side where we see the beauty and joy of getting our perfect match..there are few side effects that await us on the other. It is as simple as one coin having two sides of the same story..!
Now you may wonder that how and what can be the side effects of being in a relation. Well, it is often ignored but actually we need to think and understand this. Did you know that one of the reasons of gaining weight after getting into a relation can be your relaton itself..? Strange but this is the harsh reality which we need to accept and avoid.
To start with let us first get the concept of relationship weight gain clear. When dating, the couple goes to movies or for dinners wherein they tend to spend hours together. Now there is nothing wrong in this. But they don’t realise that while eating dinner together or watching movie there is something which follows them secretly. It is weight gain and that too serious weight gain..!!
When we spend time with our loved ones, we forget everything. Time just flies by looking at each other, visiting places and just spending beautiful time with each other. At such occasions we don’t realise how much of junk or food intake are we doing. A dinner at the Pizza shop may mean eating without even thinking about the fat and calories which come in disguise with it..!
This becomes worse once you move in with your partner or get married. Researchers say that women tend to eat more when with their man! The portion of food increases and this eventually results into weight gain which turns into obesity soon if gone unnoticed.

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The following are few of the reasons which make you gain “Relaionship Weight Gain”

• You can’t say no to your Man..!!
This is one of the most common triggers. Women think that when they are with their man they have to follow the rule of not saying No for anything..especially food..!! To impress or rather make their partner feel loved..they eat without measuring and this leads to serious effects on their health. Women often feel that if their partner offers them a meal, they shouldn’t refuse a single morsel as it would be offending towards their partner. And this ultimately leads to weight gain.

• Moving in together doubles up the happiness and also the Food!!
You and your partner both have different tastes of food. After marrying and moving in with your partner, your food portions increase without you even noticing it. If your partner is very found of sweets and deserts and gets one every night for you, or stacks the refrigerator with it, it is very likely that you will be attracted towards developing a sweet tooth just like him. This needs to be avoided.

• Eating the wrong way..!!
Eating habits contribute in a huge way towards the amount of weight gain. Eating at the wrong time..not having fixed timing of eating meals..eating at frequent intervals..and most importantly eating at the wrong places will all increase your chances of gaining weight. When in a relation, we should avoid all the above mistakes so that we stay away from going one step closer towards obesity.

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There are many ways of avoiding or rather erasing the chances of “Relatonship Weight Gain”. Few of them are listed below:

* Fix a Date with the Gym..!
This is probably the best ways of shedding those unhealthy kilos..! You can do this with your partner. Going to the Gym together will not only help you lose weight but will also make the bond stronger. Exercising with your loved one will surely give you remarkable results. Moreover, you will have your motivation right in front of you..!!

* Walk the mile together..!
We have read and seen in almost all Love stories how the Duo walk down the path holding hands. In today’s mechanical life..we have forgotten the beauty of this! Even the journey to the grocery shop just down the lane requires a vehicle. Next time. instead of going on a Long drive with your partner, opt for a romantic long walk under the moonlight. This will surely be the best ways of spending qaulity time with your partner and also keeping the unhealthy fats away..!

* Play the Picture game..!!
All couples love to click pictures and most of them are random one’s. Playing the picture game means sit down with your partner and see your past pictures together. Try comparing the differences in the then and now of it. You will realise how fast and how much weight gain have you acquired. Pictures are the best source of motivation at such times and they do help you lose weight because you want to look the same again as in the pictures..!

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Everything varies from person to person. We may also come across few couples who do not experience relationship weight gain. Like most of the things, even this is a two sided coin. Hence, as they say “Precaution is better than cure”. We should always be prepared to fight against any health hazard in order to live a peaceful and diseasefree life!

So, whether you are in a relation or you are still searching for the “Right match”, Beware of this Relationship Weight gain!! It will come in disguise but leave behind serious effects..!! Hence it is always better to take precautions rather than taking cure later..!!
“Losing weight is simple. Don’t complicate it with Rules..!!

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