Intramax Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is Intramax?


Intramax multivitamin supplement Reviews

IntraMAX is a multi function nutritional supplement available in liquid form. It include vitamins, anti-oxidants, macro-minerals, digestive enzymes, amino acids, vegetables, fruits, herbs, aloe Vera, sprouts, phytonutrients, super green foods, vital fatty acids, noni, fibers, electrolytes and probiotics. It was developed by Dr. Richard Drucker, M.S., N.D., Ph.D., a highly established doctor in the area of natural health and founder of Drucker Labs.

This supplement utilizes the power of fulvic acid to produce bio-available nutrients for maximum absorption. It promises to minimize damage from free-radicals and improve general health by detoxifying the body. It is believed to slow down the aging process and probably enhance weight loss.

Compare these to some other product and you will see for yourself that Intramax must be the most technically advanced, clinically verified, health promoting organic vitamin currently available. The product is available in a one-month supply.

What the Ingredients Are in Intramax?

The list of ingredients Intramax are Noni, Silver, 59 Herbs, 35 Fruits, 26 Fibers, Aloe Vera, Fulvic Acid, 16 Probiotics, 27 Vegetable, 12 Carotenoids, 20 Amino Acids, 38 Essential Oils, 154 Antioxidants, 119 Bioflavonoid, 8 Essential Sugars, 8 Protein Minerals, 12 Macro Minerals, 80 Vitamin Sources, 14 Seeds and Sprouts, 16 Digestive Enzymes, 65 Organic Electrolytes, 33 Super Green Foods, 71 Organic Trace Minerals, 17 Essential Fatty Acids, etc.

  • Choline: A B vitamin which helps the cells to send signals faster. It is not necessary in the human diet unless lacking significantly in other nutrients.
  • Noni Extract (morinda citrifolia): Noni is a tree with potassium. Though its fruit is believed to be safe but their supplementation use may have side-effects.
  • Artemisia Annua Extract (wormwood): Found in parts of Asia, it would treat cancer but results are actually inconclusive.
  • Indian Rhubarb Extract (root): This plant has been used to address cold sores and stomach bleeding.
  • Marigold (calendula leaf): Helpful to treat abdominal pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Ashwagandha extract (root): Helpful to address high blood pressure and bring down inflammation.
  • Sodium Benzoate: Chemical helpful to preserve foods.
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How Does Intramax Work?

IntraMAX is a vitamins supplement that is designed to offer necessary vitamins, detoxify your body, remove waste, and keep overall wellness, delaying the process of aging and the main one to enhance weight-loss. Since this supplement is supplied in liquid form, it will dissolve fast in your system and act fast as compared with capsules and tablets.

Its proprietary technology, Intra CELLTM V, gives you an exceptionally powerful delivery system for driving these crucial nutrients quickly and completely to red blood cells. Organic and natural minerals are definitely in this is critical to effectively maintain health, promote healing, and prevent many diseases and illnesses.

Intramax liquid dietary supplement with organic Fulvic Acid provides support for the body’s ability to deal with allergies, infection and disease while systemically restoring balance and energy, reversing the damages of toxins and free-radicals (anti-aging), and increases our bodies ability to recover and heal.

Intramax Pros:

  • Contains all natural dietary supplements, without any side-effects.
  • Can be used by vegetarians and vegans likewise as it does not have any animal ingredient at all.
  • Packed with more than 400 healthy and balanced natural active ingredients.
  • Reverses nutrient deprivation in individuals
  • Helps boost functioning of organ systems
  • Decreases the necessity of prescribed drugs
  • Lessen the Interpretations of Fatigue, PMS, Menopause, and Weight Gain
  • Replaces all other supplements
  • Provides optimal daily allowance of every key nutrients
  • Maximizes energy, strength, stamina, and vitality
  • Helps get rid of colds, flu, allergies, and disease
  • Boosts immunity mechanism and autoimmune healing
  • Removes heavy metals and harmful toxins
  • Reduces “free-radical” damage for anti-aging
  • Promotes healthy blood and bone fragments
  • Natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal
  • Improves attention, memory span, along with other brain clarity functions
  • Reduces pain, inflammation and balances the body
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Intramax Cons:

  • Price is very expensive at $80 per bottle.
  • Some consumers complained about its side-effects like Headaches, dizziness and diarrhoea.
  • Majority of dieters choose pill or tablet as a best form of supplement to try.

Intramax Warning Signs:

  • If you are pregnant‚ nursing or using prescribed drugs‚ contact your healthcare practitioner before use.
  • Avoid taking nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals 2 hrs before and 2 hrs after having IntraMAX, it is best taken undiluted and on an empty stomach.
  • Because of the massive number of natural ingredients‚ categories in consistency‚ colour‚ flavour‚ sediment‚ carbon‚ oxygen‚ and fulvic acid may occur per lot.
  • You should not use if tamper-evident seal is possibly defective or missing.
  • Always keep away from children.
  • Those who complained talked about headache and diarrhea. Use it under the supervision of health expert.

How Much Does Intramax Cost?

Although this product is said to be only sold via a healthcare practitioner, the bottles do appear online. The market cost is $80.00 without shipping and handling. This is only for a month supply and the Intramax has to be refrigerated immediately as it can lose potency.

Whether You Should Buy Intramax or not?

If you are searching for an effective weight loss supplement, then keep your eye open. This is one in which contains a ton of ingredients many of which have undeclared official good points for each individual. While an $80.00 a month price tag might not threaten people away, but the lack of evidence certainly will. So far no evidence supports using Intramax due to the misrepresentation of factual information on the health of individuals as it makes it hard to believe them any further.

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Intramax Reviews: How Safe and Effective Is Intramax?
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