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How Women Can Stop Weight Gain?


How Women can stop gaining weight?

You may have come across many occasions wherein you wished to dress up in your favorite clothes but lately you can’t fit into them. Most women dread the experience of sudden weight gain, where the numbers on scale increases gradually and before you are aware of it you’re 10 pounds heavier. Although this is not predictable, yet you can simply bring gradual changes to your lifestyle so that you can stop gaining weight. But before we discuss how to stop gaining weight, let us first find out the several reasons for gradual weight gain in women.

Reasons for weight gain in women:

  1. Aging: You body experience certain changes as you get older. The effects of aging slowly change the composition of your body by decreasing the amount of calorie burning muscles and replace it with fat. This is one of the major reasons for weight gain.
  2. Less active lifestyle: When women tend to get older they become less active but continue to eat as much as they did in their 20s. The combination of aging, less activity and exercises and healthy appetite together leads to gradual weight gain.

Steps to stop weight gain:

  1. Add muscles: Adding muscles is one of the best ways to stop gaining weight. Boosting your muscle mass helps to power up your metabolism. Experts recommend performing strength training a few times per week to build and retain muscles. Muscles are metabolically active and you need to be physically active everyday to minimize the naturally occurring muscle loss. You should include resistance training two to three times per week to retain your muscle mass.
  2. Stay active: You should be active by following fitness routine every six to eight weeks. You can enjoy more calories without gaining weight by choosing your calories wisely. This will help to keep your body from getting too familiarized to your workout. Remember to have challenging routine otherwise it won’t work.
  3. Review your eating habits: Stop mindless eating in front of television after dinner, avoid irregular eating habits, stop skipping your breakfast, avoid finishing your kids meals, stop reaching yourself for second helpings and avoid consuming high amount of simple carbs like white bread or sugar that have not enough proteins.
  4. Review your drinking habits: Avoid drinking too much sweetened drinks like specialty coffee and stop the excessive alcohol intake.
  5. Make small changes to your lifestyle: You don’t always have to go great lengths to stop gaining weight instead make small changes to your lifestyle. Experts recommend adding 2000 steps a day to your routine, performing strength training for two to three times a week and cutting off 100 calories from your diet per day.

Simple changes to cut off 100 calories per day:

  • Eat two fewer cookies per day
  • Substitute sparkling water or diet soft drink for sweetened beverages to quench your thirst
  • Leave few bites of food on your plate
  • Switch from whole to fat-free milk
  • Hold the cheese or mayonnaise on your sandwich instead replace it with lettuce, mustard or tomato
  • Use nonstick cooking spray instead of margarine, butter or oil for pan-frying
  • Use half the usual amount of salad dressing and choose vinaigrette for dressing instead of creaming
  • Substitute fat-free yoghurt for sour cream in recipes
  • Drink 100% fruit juice instead of juice with added sugar
  • Control snack portions by putting the snacks on to plate instead of eating out of the bag
  • Go for cup of broth based soup instead of a bowl
  • Choose light wine or beer instead of frozen or fruit based cocktails
  • Hold the croutons on your salad
  • Limit the meat portions to 3-4 ounces
  • Have a healthy appetizer and salad instead of the cream sauce to control your portions
  • Hold the butter in your steamed vegetables, instead flavor them with a squeeze of fresh lemon
  • Top up your pasta with vegetable sauce rather than cream sauce to control your portions.

All in all, if you wish to stop gaining weight you must begin by shaving off 500 calories per day with healthy diet and routine fitness program. Eventually, this will help you keep off the excessive gradual weight gain and you’ll be able to fit into your favorite dress for the next special occasion.

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