Exercise During Pregnancy Fights High Blood Pressure and Excessive Weight Gain


Motherhood is the most special and beautiful phase in a women’s life. The excitement of arrival of a new member in the family is seen on everybody’s faces. There is a sense of happiness around. But along with just this, there is a lot of precautions which need to be taken of the expecting women.

During pregnancy, a women’s body undergoes alot of changes. To add to this, women try to stay away from any kind of exercises and physical activities. This has been the mind set of people since the very old era. Women are expected to sit and do nothing for those 9 months till the time they don’t deliver. It is true and absolutely correct that no women should engage herself in any kind of physical activity that causes exertion to her body. But little bit of exercising is beneficial not only for her but also for her baby. Most importantly, every women should consult her doctor before doing anything during her pregnancy mode to avoid any misfortune situations.

The question here is that does exercise help to fight against high blood pressure and weight gain. Well, the answer is Yes. It does serve both the purpose. Let us understand how.

Fighting High Blood pressure: This is one of the Psychological benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Activities like meditating and practising Yoga (as consulted and directed by the doctor), helps to maintain a positive frame of mind. During pregnancy, we all know that there are high chances that the women will face mood swings. Some people often don’t understand how to deal with such a situation. When a women keeps herself physically fit and active, her mind stays calm and contented. She becomes less cranky and feels more relaxed. Hence, this results in controlled levels of Blood pressure which benefits the women as well as her baby.

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Fighting Excessive Weight Gain: Weight gain has a very strong relation with Maternity. We see that women gain enormous amount of weight after pregnancy, and most of them struggle their way to lose the extra pounds.! This weight gain slowly turns into obesity if nothing is done. Women who have had multiple deliveries face the worst side of this situation. This can be easily avoided by following a healthy fitness regime from a doctor. It is not impossible to gain back the normal weight but all it takes is a lot of hard-work and dedication. Simple exercises like cycling, walking, jogging or the best option of doing yoga can work wonders for the body.

Along with the above, there are few other benefits also:

  • Increases chances of normal delivery: It is found that women who did exercises and kept their bodies active throughout pregnancy, did not have to face the painful caesarean mode of delivery. The reason for this is that their body remained flexible and healthy till the time of delivery.
  • Less chances of developing GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus): Exercising and training the muscles helps in maintaining  balanced blood sugar levels in the body and thus t improves the insulin sensitivity also.
  • Improved posture and stronger abdominal body strength.
  • Improvement in the cardiovascular fitness and well being of the body.
  • Reduces the chances of feeling Bloated, Constipated.
  • Exercising has a positive impact on the baby also. They tend to be more active and healthier.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase which needs to be handled with utmost care. But one should not forget that we can always improve the condition by taking precautions. Who says that you cannot take care while being active during pregnancy..? Why do we opt for the easier way of just sticking to the traditional method and not try to improvise it..?

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When a women is pregnant she has double responsibility. Along with herself, she has to take care of her baby also. To make things easier and much more convenient in the future, it is important that measures are taken during pregnancy itself. There are many ways in which a Pregnant women can remain happy during this phase. Hence, exercising has various Psychological benefits also. Like:

  • Staying Happy and Cheerful all the time which keeps the baby within happy..!!
  • Less mood swings which means less irritation and a calm mind.
  • Depression stays afar which improves the overall health and well being of the body.
  • Flexibility in the body.

One of the major benefits of being active during pregnancy is having a happy motherhood. But nothing should be done without consulting a doctor. Utmost care needs to be taken because there are two lives at stake. In India, we still follow a very traditional approach i almost everything. Especially when a women is pregnant, there are many rules and regulations laid on her.

The biggest concern of pregnant women is about losing their well toned body. This often happens that they lose their body shape post pregnancy due to the after effects of delivery. There are high chances of fat getting collected at selective areas like the waist line and on the hips. It is the most difficult task for women to eradicate fats in these regions. Due to this, they loose their self confidence and belief. They start feeling the inferior social status stigma. But all of this can be avoided if right measures are taken. Exercising under correct supervision and understanding the need of the body can help women escape from this unwanted phase of Excessive weight gain during and after pregnancy.

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