Brown Fat Revolution Diet: But I Thought Fat Was Bad?


Are fats bad for you?  Not necessarily.  There is a difference in the fat that drips from a pizza versus the fat that you receive from eating the skin of a chicken.  What’s the difference?  According to Dr. James R. Lyons, “brown” fat, or the type of fat that makes you seem lean, can come from many fatty foods that many people tell you to stay away from if you want to lose weight.

Types of Fats

There are three types of fats in our bodies: white fat, yellow fat, and brown fat.  Yellow fat is the fat that we are all familiar with.  It’s the subcutaneous fat that’s pinched by doctors and gripped by calipers in order to measure your total body fat percentage.  That’s the fat that everyone associates with “being fat.”  This fat, however, works in a good way, because this fat takes excess calories and stores them safely so that, when you do need to exert the energy, you have what you need right there in order to do so.  It’s the body’s natural response to preparing for a worst case scenario: if you need energy, but you’re not near food, metabolizing the fat on your body gives you that energy until you can get to food.

Then, there’s white fat.  White fat helps store energy and produces hormones which, in turn, are secreted into the bloodstream.  This is the type of fat that helps people regulate their liver and keeps their muscles sensitive to the insulin that your body naturally produces.  When you begin packing on more yellow fat than white fat, that yellow fat begins to impede upon the hormone-regulating white fats, resulting in hormonal disorders and even diabetes.

Keeping on with our trend of fat education, there’s visceral fat, and this is the type of fat that spells massive trouble for your health.  This is the sticky, stretchy fat that wrings itself around your organs and squeezes the life out of them.  Visceral fat also aids in your body’s resistance towards insulin, which can also contribute to someone developing diabetes.  Out of all of the fats that happen in your body, this is the one you want the least of.

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And finally, there is brown fat.  The fat that the diet targets and encourages.  Brown fat is the most misunderstood of all fats, but here are the facts: brown fat is found more in children than adults, and its primary purpose is to keep them warm.  Leaner adults also have more brown fat than obese adults.  Brown fat, when activated burns up to twice as many calories in the same amount of time as white fat, and brown fat is being studied as something that aids adults in staying lean.

Fat Keeps You Lean?

There is a fat that aids adults in staying lean!?  That’s what some of the studies are saying.

With the brown fat revolution diet, it is essentially this: you take four weeks for the diet and exercise program, and in the process you level out your metabolism to its natural state, eat a combination of foods that are high in good carbs and good fats, alternate between your high carb and high protein days, and you stick to a workout regimen that you create on your own.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Yes, it is.  Imagine how a program like this would work if you added a weight loss supplement to it, like Phen375.

Be aware, on this diet you are alternating high carb and high protein days.  That means, on your high protein days, you have to have a lower carb intake.  This process is designed to get your carbohydrates and your fats working for you instead of against you, and part of that process is re-stabilizing your metabolism, while the other part is getting you moving.

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Fats Are Not Bad

Fats are not a bad thing.  They are not this terrible entity that lurks above your head at night and mysteriously dives right to your abdomen every time you eat a slice of cheese.  What makes fats bad is how we eat them, and the quantity in which we eat them.

With Dr. Lyons theory, brown fat helps increase the body’s metabolism, therefore lowering your overall body mass index.  Some of his meals are eaten just before and just after a workout, which are only 30 minutes long!  So, for those of you who have a hard time committing your mornings and evenings to the gym, this type of gig is just for you.  You can have your fats, your starchy fruits and vegetables, you can eat six times a day, and you only have to work out for thirty minutes.

Yeah.  I hear you.  Seriously.

Again, fats are not a bad thing, though not all fats are created equally.  After all, there is a reason that the FDA banned trans-fats from being introduced into our foods at a certain point in time.  There is a reason why fast-food chains stopped using trans-fat in their food fryers well before that ban ever took place.  Trans-fats, when introduced to chemicals and proteins in your body, actually turn into a sludgy mass, and it makes it hard for your organs to process and filter it down.  It essentially runs your organs into overdrive, causing them to crash heavily after finally processing the bulk of it through your system.

Saturated fats, while not the worst, are still not the best.  These are the fats that are solids when cooled and liquids when hot, like bacon grease or coconut oil.  These are the types of fats that your doctor might order you to stay away from if you have high cholesterol because it is the type of fat that steadily raises your harmful LDL cholesterol.  This, in turn, blocks arteries and clogs ducts, making your body overwork itself just for the basics.

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Now, getting into the fats that are good for you, think olive oil.  It is liquid at room temperature as well as heated, and it has fewer bonded carbon chains, meaning that it won’t turn into sludge when it hits your body’s natural chemicals and proteins.  Good fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, and come from things like fish, chicken, nuts, vegetables, and a slew of other things.  That olive oil bread dip at your favorite Italian restaurant?  Go for it.  Want that corn oil for cooking up some pan-fried steaks?  Toss it in there!  These fats are called essential fats because they are necessary for our body to continue functioning, but our body cannot produce them on its own.

Going Forward

Now that you have the skinny on fats, take this truth with you and analyze the way you eat.  I guarantee you that you are forgoing some foods that you could be having, or trading in something for a low-fat version because you think it will aid you in your weight loss journey.  But don’t be fooled.  Those low-fat versions usually have more carbs.  Have that extra slab of butter on that bread!  Cook with that sunflower oil!  You heard it straight from the doctors: they are necessary.

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Brown Fat Revolution Diet: But I Thought Fat Was Bad?
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