Biggest Smoothies Mistakes that May Ruin Your Weight Loss


We all know and believe that smoothies are easy, effective and not to mention tasty method to lose weight for the reason that they are fully packed with nutrients, so you take a hit of minerals, vitamins and at the same time enjoying a delicious drink that fills you up.

But do you know smoothies can be unhealthy too and can make you to gain weight?

There are things to take care off while you are preparing your smoothies, since some common smoothies mistakes can actually ruin your weight loss mission. I’m sure you don’t want this.

So let’s take a look at 5 of the biggest smoothie mistakes that may unknowingly helping you to gain extra pounds.
Below are discussed some of the biggest Smoothie Mistakes… and How Not to Make Them

1. Don’t forget to add the fiber:

Fiber helps you to feel fuller thus you do not feel to chow lots of junk food. Numerous smoothies are usually made up of fruits, and we all know that fruits are healthy; but don’t forget that most of them do not offer as abundant fiber as vegetables. Bananas are mostly used in smoothies because wit holds fiber, but it only contains about 3 grams of fiber.

Do this instead:

You can have some of your fruit in smoothies, but then again don’t fail to add fiber-rich materials such as chia, seeds, kale or berries. Try to aim for about 10 grams of fiber in your smoothie for a healthy smoothie.

2. Don’t forget to add the protein:

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Protein delivers energy, helps normalize hormones, and inspires lean muscle growth. If you lack to add protein in your smoothie than your energy will drain and you’ll feel hungry and help yourself to find a quick sugary snacks.

Do this instead:

Use milk as an alternative of almond milk because it contains more protein, add protein powder, Greek yogurt or nut butter such as almond butter.

3. Fruit is good but too much fruit is not a good thing:

Smoothies made up of all-fruit tastes good. But it’s sweet and you ease yourself with the facts that fruits are good for you. Nonetheless, you don’t know that all that sugar adds up in your calorie intake. An all-fruit smoothie may have 500! So not just you are packing in the calories, but also you’re assisting your body quick-burning fuel, which means you’ll soon need to eat again.

Do this instead:

Make note that your smoothie may hold diverse mixture of whole foods, that may including milks or yogurts, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

4. Again with the sugars!!

Even if you try to make your smoothie healthy by adding plenty of healthy vegetables, protein, etc. But unknowingly to increase the flavor you may be adding maple syrup or honey and thus adding extra calories to your smoothie, because 1 tablespoon of either of these will surely add 60 calories to your smoothie.

Do this instead:

Try to add balanced ingredients to your smoothie so that the natural sweetness remains and the natural sugar of fruits is all you need for your smoothie.

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5.Don’t snub solid food:

Yes, smoothies can be healthy, nutritive, fast, and tasty. But they shouldn’t be your only basis of food or energy. To reach a healthy normal weight, you have to feed your body with various food items.

Do this instead:

Drink smoothies but do bound them only to a breakfast meal. It would be best if you eat whole foods for lunch and dinner.

Now you know that, just because you are taking a smoothie doesn’t mean that it’s always healthy.

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Biggest Smoothies Mistakes that May Ruin Your Weight Loss
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