Bariatric Surgery – Why People Prefer In India?


The problem of obesity is widely spread across all the nations of the world.
Healthcare professionals have admitted the fact that obesity is no more a body condition now but it is a dreadful disease which if not treated at right time can lead to severe consequences.

Bariatric surgery

Obesity is the main reason for many other serious ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep Apnea, depression, back problems etc. occurring in human beings. Obese people try a lot many ways to get rid of their extra flab like diet and daily workout but seem to fail in their endeavors. That is why it is necessary to find a way out of this problem and Bariatric Surgery is the perfect solution for this.

Bariatric surgery in India

Bariatric surgery cost in developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries is very high and it becomes very difficult for the common people to afford the cost of this surgery.
On the other hand, bariatric surgery cost in developing nations like India is much less; one can say it is just a fraction of what you pay in the developed nations.

The credit goes to medical tourism that has enabled people from various countries to come to India for their quality weight loss surgery at much low prices. There is a huge boom in the Medical Indian Tourism in the recent years and this has benefited people worldwide as now they can easily come to India for their treatments at low rates and can visit the beautiful destinations in the country after the surgery.
The hospitals here provide world-class Healthcare services to their international patients and give personal attention to all their requirements.

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The medical and surgical procedures performed in these hospitals involve the usage of state-of-the-art equipment’s with modern amenities that are as advanced as those available in western countries.
On top of that, there is a pool of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are specialised in their own disciples.

Bariatric surgery cost in India

No doubt, weight loss surgery cost in India is comparatively less than countries in the west, but what matters is how much cheap. When the figures in both the areas were analysed, the results were quite surprising.

Surgery cost was even less than one-third of what they were charging in developed countries.
But there are many reasons for the low bariatric surgery cost in India. This surgery involves mainly four procedures that are commonly done on the patients. Your doctor will first see your health conditions and accordingly will decide on to what procedure he will carry out. The cost of all these procedures is different, therefore, one will be charged according to the surgery that is carried out on him.

Moreover, bariatric surgery cost in India also depends on the experience and certification of the surgeon.
Higher the experience of the surgeon, higher will be the cost of weight loss surgery.
Your choice of hospital, city, follow ups and various other factors also add on to the total cost. Even if the international patients opt for the best surgeon and best hospital, still the cost of surgery will be very less when compared to other developed countries.

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In addition, the cost of living in India is low. As a result of this, the salaries of surgeons, doctors, nurses and support staff are also less. Besides, the currency value is low when compared to western countries. All these factors are responsible for low weight loss surgery cost in India.

Nowadays, there is a very tough competition between the medical tourism companies.
Therefore, international patients must make their choice carefully so that they don’t regret in future and go back to their home countries happy, satisfied and in high spirits. Bariatric Surgery in India.

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