Avesil: Does This Weight Loss Supplement Work?


What is Avesil?

Avesil is an innovative thermogenic weight control product that is manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility which follows the GMP standards. This product claims to help you in weight control with meratrim which is caffeine free, non-stimulant metabolism booster, and the chromium which is a fat burner and green tea extract which is a stimulant.
Green Bracket, LLC based in the United States manufactured this product. There are some billing issues and complaints filed against this company with the Better Business Bureau.

What are the key ingredients?

It contains four main ingredients and simple formula that helps to control weight. This weight loss product is different from other diet supplements that contain filler ingredients of questionable efficiency when it comes to weight loss.

This weight loss supplement contains proven dietary ingredients in exact quantities that are consistent which the dosages administered during the clinical research studies and back up the product claims.

1. Green tea extract:  It increases the energy and supports stabilized blood sugar levels.

2. Patented nutraceutical meratrim: This is a caffeine free, non-stimulant metabolism booster which is supported by randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled human clinical trials.

3. O-polynicotinate chromium: It helps to control the glucose and sugar tolerance within the normal levels. It supports conversion of body fat into energy when working out.

4. Caffeine: This ingredient is used in small amount such that it does not show unpleasant jittery feeling. It helps increase the production of adenosine triphospate which is a key for energy production. It stimulates the metabolism of the fatty acids. It is a mild stimulant that boosts your energy level and also enhances the neuromuscular coordination and motor performance.

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How does Avesil work?

Avesil has been formulated to work as per the thermogenesis process that boosts the rate of fat burning. The research on thermogenesis process within the human body has captivated the diet aid industry. This process is considered the key for developing effective weight loss supplements.

Considering these facts, the manufacture of this weight loss supplement has included the thermogenic ingredients that are backed by scientific data. These ingredients have shown to support a healthy metabolic rate. The resultant formula causes your body to burn the food as energy by preventing it from storing it as fat. These ingredients also help suppress your appetite by breaking down the stored fat; this process is known as lipolysis.

This weight loss supplement claims to help you preserve and maintain lean muscle mass. Therefore, it overcomes the issue of water drawn out of the muscles as with the other weight loss supplement thereby it helps you maintain healthy overall physique.

Take one pill twice a day, 30 minutes before your meal.


It contains tested and clinically proven ingredients
It is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-inspected facility which meets the GMP standards
It contains a simple formula with proven dietary ingredients
There is a trial available for consumers to assess the efficiency of this product without having you to pay the full price for a month supply
Easy and quick customer service


This product is available only through the official website
Pregnant and nursing women should consult their healthcare provider before taking this weight loss supplement
The manufacturer’s trial is limited within the USA as it is not offered to international customers

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Possible Side effects:

Although the presence of small amount of caffeine in this product is low to cause any side effect, still some users have experienced mild gastric disturbances from using this weight loss product.


I have analyzed and observed that Avesil proves a safe, effective way to maximize the results of healthy diet and exercise. This product contains simple formulation with proven ingredients that have scientific back up, without the presence of any added fluff ingredients that do nothing, but cost you extra money. Although the company does not claim that this product would work same for everyone, but it will certainly boost your weight loss efforts.

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Avesil: Does This Weight Loss Supplement Work?
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