Why Can’t I Get An Erection?


Many men ask themselves, “Why can’t I get an erection?” Even so, very few are sure of the actual answer. There are a number of reasons that males have problems getting and sustaining a sexually stimulated erection.

Some of these reasons are physical and some are more psychological. Whatever the root causes, this must be ascertained before anything can be done to remedy the problems. It is also important to understand that all males have times when they cannot get it up.

Here are some physical and psychological reasons why men can’t get an erection.

Physical Erection Problems: A major physical erection problem for men is stress. General daily activities like work and family life can create enormous pressure for males. This daily level of stress can build up over time, causing males to have problems getting aroused and achieving and erection during sexual activities.

Physical fatigue and tiredness can also influence male erections. Not getting enough sleep often causes this, but it can stem from lack of exercise and regular physical activity. Fatigue and tiredness are likely to have effects on all aspects of a man’s life, not just their sexual performance and personal lifestyle.

Doing drugs or drinking too much alcohol always has effects on men and their sex lives. Sometimes these can enhance the sexual experience, but never are reliable. As a rule, getting intoxicated will probably have adverse effects on the ability to achieve an erection and overall sexual performance. Drugs and alcohol are related to a great number of physical erection problems.

Psychological Erection Problems: The majority of psychological sex problems for men, stem from depression and/or anxiety issues. Men often experience these states in conjunction with testosterone fluxuations, either lower or higher amounts being produced by their bodies. These levels are in response to psychological states or sometimes seasonal changes that impact their mood.

Most men have some sexual performance anxiety, but the fear of failing at sex can hinder the ability for males to get it up. The psychological worries of inadequacies are very harsh on the male psyche. This can be disabling and even lead to mental impotence.

Another factor that will cause psychological erection issues are personal stress and relationship problems. Problems with dating, marriage or divorce can cause men to become unable to perform sexually. This is somewhat normal, but many men see it as a downfall on their part and make the situation even worse.

Erectile Dysfunction: All physical and psychological erection problems can lead to erectile dysfunction or ED. Erectile dysfunction can manifest as occasional sexual performance issues, but may lead to impotence, inability to sustain an erection or other problems for males. ED can be treated with a variety of methods, not all involving seeing a doctor. Each man is an individual, whose unique sexual problems must be addressed in an open and non-threatening manner.

Erectile dysfunction can be a very touchy subject for men that suffer from it, so how it is handled by a lover, spouse or girlfriend is also important. Most often, ED can be treated successfully, if all mental and physical issues are considered. This is the key to all erectile dysfunction and performance problems, but men often are misinformed or stereotyped by societal stigmas. This is counter-productive and unnecessary in modern times.

In Conclusion

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Men need to be careful about jumping to conclusions, before examining the more obvious factors that maybe influencing their sex lives.  This article simply tried to explain the main causes of why men cannot get erections, but other factors may be at work as well. Men are individuals with their own unique needs, wants, desires, and bodies. Make sure to consider all aspects of the individual and their lifestyle, so that proper conclusions can be drawn.

Males need to worry less about, why they can’t get an erection. Their focus is better spent on enjoying the sensual pleasure offered by their partners, so they can just enjoy sex. Erections and orgasms are only part of the bigger picture. Once a man gets relaxed mentally and physically, his erection will usually stand up and take notice. Getting it up should happen naturally, not be mechanical or a cause of sexual anxiety.

Why Can’t I Get An Erection?
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