Which Infertility Treatment Option Is Right for You?


Many people call infertility issue to be a curse, however, with developing highly advanced treatment options, one can easily get away with these issues. Some of the fertility issues are more easily treated than the others. Generally speaking, as we find the woman aging especially after the age of 35, the chances of becoming pregnant grows up. However, her risk of miscarriage simply goes up. If women are seen going above 35, your doctors often recommend you to skip certain steps younger couples generally take. That is due to the fact that your chance of having baby would reduce with each passing year. On the other hand, millions of couple are getting babies. Now, let us dig in deep in the various infertility treatment options available for you as under:

Spot the Signs of Infertility

First things first, you need to spot the signs of symptoms that can prevent women to conceive the same. Since infertility in a couple could be both due to the men and women, hence the signs for the same would be different. Let’s spot the sign for men

  • Above age 35: A man who is above the age of 35 lose the sperm count in them and less amount of sperm counts can lead to infertility issue.
  • Immune Problems: Any health issue that can hamper the immune system, it can put an adverse impact over the sperm motility.
  • Weight issues: With poor nutrition one can become overweight or underweight hampering the sperm count among men.
  • STD’s: The untreated STDs like gonorrhea, UTIs can even hamper the sperm health, motility; however, this can be seen with improvement with proper treatment.
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Women face more infertility issue than men; let’s check the spot as under:

  • Irregular Periods & Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome: It is among the most common reasons for infertility. However, with proper diet, exercise and certain treatment options can help in making the menstruation periods on track.
  • Age: Women who grow more than 30 are seen with difficulty in conceiving as they are not able to fertilize easily.
  • Uterine Fibroids: Around 75 percent of women in the USA alone are known to have issues like benign over the walls over the uterus that end up blocking the fallopian tubes causing the problems.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases: It is nothing but an infection often caused due to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Scar Tissue/Pelvic Adhesions: These are caused due to pelvic infection that blocks the fallopian tubes giving infertility.

Common Problems in Men for infertility

Spot the Signs in man

The following conditions can result into infertility issues, which are as under:

  • The low sperms count/quality of it
  • Issues in carrying the sperms in tubes
  • Issues getting a proper erection
  • Issues found during ejaculation

There are several other factors, which can play a vital role in infertility, which include the following problems:

Men having inflamed testes can face this issue of infertility in Men

  • A bacterial infection history causing the issues like blocked tubes can be seen issues like epididymis faces this problem.
  • Genetic issues
  • Men with diabetes
  • Lifestyle factors like overweight or having a workplace, which involves chemicals or radiations.

Top Reasons in Women for infertility

The following are the conditions that hamper the fertility issue of women:

  • Damages found in fallopian tubes
  • Ovulatory issues
  • Conditions hampering the uterus
  • No identifiable reasons
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Besides, there are other factors, which can hamper the infertility among women

  • Age factor above 35
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Gynaecological issues like ectopic pregnancy that cause miscarriage
  • The medical conditions like epilepsy, thyroid, bowel diseases and diabetes
  • Stress and over weight or even smoking

Infertility Treatment Option

Infertility Treatment Option

Both men and women are seen having different treatment options some of these include the following:

  • Fertility Drugs: There are certain drugs like Clomiphene and gonadotropins can help in treating infertility.
  • Surgery: With surgical procedures, one can fix the genetic issues, remove fibroids, fallopian tubes, tissue removal and endometriosis and trying wide range of different types of treatment options.
  • IUI – It involves depositing concentrated kind of sperms over your partner or the donor that dome directly over the uterus with the help of catheter, which passes inside the cervix.
  • IVF – In IVF procedures, the eggs are removed and then put over the ovaries and that are clubbed over the lab with the partner’s sperm. This process helps in working out the fertilization positive, successful the resulting embryos that are transferred inside the uterus.

The doctor group helps in managing the entire treatment with great care and professionalism. It has one of the finest clinics and hospitals dealing with infertility treatments both for men and women along with having competitive experts that make things possible. And above all, the entire process comes along with highly affordable cost.

Spot the Signs in couple


Infertility cannot be called as a curse as it can be easily fixed with different treatment options. So, what are you waiting for, go get the best treatment in India.

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Which Infertility Treatment Option Is Right for You?
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