Small Testicles? Is It Still Relevant?


Often,  a man’s penis is the centrepiece of his pant-less legs. But a man’s package is more than just his penis. Testicles or balls chill in men’s scrotum or ball sacks both figuratively and literally since they need to be at a temperature slightly lower than the body’s  for creating the sperm cells, which are halfway responsible for human life. But there’s more to the walnut-sized body part. In fact, a lot of it involves its size, which can tell us some things about the person they belong to.

What Does Having Small Testicles Mean?

Men with small, tight scrotums whose balls occasionally retreat into the body may have a few issues they need to look at. The small testicles are a signal that your reproductive system is not operating at peak efficiency.

Having small testicles could mean the following:

Ejaculating less semen
Having small testicles could mean ejaculating less semen. This explains why one in 12 men seek fertility help and one in six men can’t get their lady pregnant when they want to. But size are not the only things which impacts the semen production. Still, it’s accurate to say that when two men have similar reproductive health, the man with the smaller testicles will ejaculate less semen when he climaxes.

Producing Less Testosterone
Having small testicles indicates the low testosterone levels. These are the symptoms of a body not performing at its best. Over 90% of the testosterone running around in the body is produced in the gonads. You need big balls to produce plenty of these crucial male hormones. Men after age 30 can experience a drop in the testosterone levels that will start to shrink their balls which will also begin to affect their sex life.

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Indicates High Estrogen
All men have estrogen in their systems and this is normal. But when your testes don’t produce enough testosterone, the estrogen which is naturally present in the body starts to take over and you will develop feminine characteristics like breasts, a condition called gynecomastia. This is known as estrogen dominance which should not happen in healthy men.

Causes of Small Testicle Size

The small testicles are either genetic or caused by a hormonal imbalance in your life. The following causes are the most common ones for small testicles:

Poor lifestyle: Lack of exercise, stress, poor diet, smoking and excess alcohol can cause depletion of the zinc reserves and shrinking of your testicles.

Poor ejaculation habits
Masturbating and ejaculating too often and too fast can exhaust your sexual organs, causing small testicle, reductions in testosterone and weak erections.

Ejaculation retention
Refraining from ejaculating and abstaining from sexual activity and can actually cause your sexual functions to go on standby. You’ll observe that your penis and balls get smaller and tighter in their flaccid state that cause small testicles.

Exposure to the wrong products
Overexposure to the chemicals in the environment such as those in certain plastics and exhaust fumes can cause your body to produce too much estrogen and free testosterone levels to go down.

How to Increase Size of Testicle for Men with Small Testicles?

Although having small testicles is not so abnormal, considering what it means, you can now check out how to increase testicle size.

Following natural techniques will help to increase the size of small testicles and will benefit your health greatly.

  1. Eat The Best Foods: Men aren’t aware about their shrinking balls and softer erections due to eating libido killing foods! Avoid these evil foods and choose the best ones to get your testicles back to REAL size.
  2. Massage of Perineum and Penile Areas: To really improve the size and weight of your balls, you’ll need to be massaging them regularly too. This will help to disperse blood around the penile area, so as to improve the distribution of essential sex hormones to your testicles, and maintain your sexual health and erections.
  3. Libido Boosting Supplements: Male libido supplements are naturally occurring, and are effective at boosting male hormone levels. Having these supplements will not actually boost your sex drive instead it will help your body to address its hormonal imbalance. This will start it to produce the right hormones for correct sexual function. It is therefore essential to look for better testicular supplements available on the market.
  4. Ejaculation Frequency: Another way to increase the size of small testicles is to optimize ejaculation. If you ejaculate too infrequently, you might find that your testicles are shrinking and your penis is retreating inside. All this isn’t really very enjoyable. On the other hand, you shouldn’t ejaculate too often either as it can cause your sexual organs to become exhausted and depleted of energy, due to low sexual potency and low hormones.When you have sex or masturbate, you need to be lasting for as long as possible which will enable your penis and testicles to “soak” for longer in hormone filled blood. This will cause the capillaries in them to expands thereby improves your sexual function. You may also refer to the natural techniques clearly outlines in the Male Libido Booster guide for men. Apply these techniques to get complete control of your ejaculation and experience more intense pleasure from your orgasms as well as increase your general size. Whatever you may decide, ensure that you last for at least 20 minutes and preferably more than 30 minutes before ejaculating.
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What Our Expert Has to Say About Small Testicles:

So, is having small testicles bad? Yes. That’s because small size can mean you aren’t putting out enough sperm, or have too much of female hormone estrogen coursing through the veins or you don’t have enough testosterone in your system. You do not need to worry since you can follow the natural techniques to make your testicles bigger. Therefore, if you have small testicles, you can do something about it in order to maintain your sex life, vitality and your overall health. When you take care of yourself and take consistent action, you can have a healthier body, better sex drive, better sexual function — and the balls to do whatever you want with your life.

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Small Testicles? Is It Still Relevant?
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