How to Make Your Female Partner Fertile?


Getting pregnant can be a joyous experience for couples, but in some cases it can become very stressful. Some couples are simply excited about getting pregnant and the experience of having children together. Sometimes a couple wants to conceive at a specific time, so the baby will have a significant birth date that is special or unique. No matter what, being fertile is an important factor in conception and having a successful pregnancy.

So what exactly does it take to help make your female partner fertile?

An Introduction to Fertility in Women

Fertility is not something that can be magically achieved, but it is a natural process that can be helped along by following some basic guidelines. The most important aspect of conception and fertility is the health of the individual female. In order to have a successful pregnancy, it is necessary to be physically up to the challenge. This is true before conception, during the pregnancy and all the way up to the birth itself.

Understanding what can set the best stage for physical fertility is a lot of work, so most women find it helpful to enlist a doctor and a midwife. Both are not absolutely necessary, but the combined assistance of these specialized practitioners can be helpful with fertility issues. In any case, it maybe helpful to schedule a check-up prior to trying to conceive a child. This will allow couples to plan for any health related issues and understand what methods can help them get pregnant more easily.

For couples wanting to conceive naturally, their attempts will usually succeed or fail within 3 months or less. More than 60% of couples are able to get pregnant within this time period, using only natural methods. For couples over the age 40, an infertility specialist can be helpful with conception problems. Although it is generally best for a couple to continue trying to get pregnant, for 6 months to a year before doing so, unless there is a known infertility issue that needs to be addressed.

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Some Common Causes of Infertility

There are several common causes of infertility issues; most relative are age, physical complications, health problems or sometimes genetic factors. Infertility issues can be found in either males, females or both, so it is important that the couple works as a team in trying to resolve any such problems. Men and women have psychological worries, when it comes to conception. Each of their roles needs to be nurtured and helped along in the process, so that each partner feels at ease.

When seeking to conceive, be sure to cover the basics that are helpful to all couples. These are knowing when your ovulation cycle is most fertile, having a regular routine of sexual activity and make sure everything possible to aid sperm strength is being done. These might seem a bit general, but they are each very important to making sure a woman has the best chance of getting pregnant. Now let us discuss these aspects of fertility and conception in more detail.

What Steps Can Be Followed to Cure Infertility?

The first step to solve infertility problems is knowing about ovulation. This is the time when the female body releases an egg from the ovary. Women ovulate one time per menstrual cycle. By identifying this period accurately, a couple can calculate the most fertile days and use this to their advantage. Essentially three days prior to ovulation and all the way through the main ovulation day are very fertile. Having sex as soon as six days before ovulation until the final day of the cycle are optimum.

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If a couple isn’t sure about their most fertile period, a general rule is have sex every other day throughout each week. This guarantees having a load of healthy sperm within the fallopian tubes each day of the month. This also assures that healthy sperm are ready and waiting for any time that an egg gets released during ovulation. Having sex more often is just fine, but it won’t help make conception any more rapid. Although it might be fun. Do keep in mind, that dead sperm build up in the male if there is too long of a dry spell. It is key to sperm health that regular sex proceeds the days before fertility is highest.

Healthy sperm require keeping them in shape, so the male partner should make sure to be doing his part. This means no alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs, all of which cause lower sperm count and testosterone levels. Avoid using saunas, jacuzzi or bathing in very hot water, such heat can kill sperm. Because the testicles are most functional at 94 to 06 degrees temperature, just slightly cooler than a normal human body temperature. A good diet that is rich in calcium, zinc, folic acids, vitamin D and C will keep sperm counts strong. Both partners should consider eating a more healthy diet, but these particulars are mostly recommended for males.

When Should Couples Seek Help With Fertility Issues?

In general, when to seek help with fertility problems depends on the age of the female trying to get pregnant. The fertility cycles decline as a woman gets older, there is not much that can change this factor. For women over 40, it is worthwhile to get a fertility expert to help before trying to conceive. This is always true for older women, so that any health complications or potential risks to the child can be assessed early on. For women ages 35 to 40, a fertility specialist maybe helpful after 6 months of trying to conceive has passed. For females 35 and younger, keep trying to conceive for at least a year, before seeking professional fertility help.

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If there are known problems with pregnancy in the family history of either partner, go ahead and schedule an appointment to talk with a specialist. Although in truth, fertility can take some time and the process should not be rushed, or become a cause of stress. It should be a shared experience for the couple, one that happens as naturally as possible.

Make getting pregnant fun and enjoyable. Good luck.

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How to Make Your Female Partner Fertile?
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