How do Fibroids Affect Sexual Life?


Fibroids with Sex Overview and Causes

All adult females of about 40% are experiencing uterine fibroids. And nobody knows exactly why it happened. Uterine fibroids are not cancer and they don’t increase the possibility of cancer if occurs. It is very rare that a normal fibroid will change in cancerous fibroid growths.

Uterine fibroid tumors are benign lumps that grow on the uterus of many women. It grows most often during pregnancy years. They are hormone sensitive, especially to estrogen. Women who have high estrogen levels are more vulnerable to fibroid development. Estrogen increases, such as in pregnancy and pre-menopause and this period of time is most suitable for the fibroid to appear. It has also been known that heredity has a role in it. If your mother or grandmother had fibroids, then you have more chances of having fibroids. African and American women have more probability to develop fibroids than of any other regions women.

Even uterine fibroids are a type of a tumor, they are not cancerous. A word tumor may scare you, but fibroids are benign (not harmful in effect). A tumor means an unusual or unexpected tissue growth. Benign means tissue growth that doesn’t contain any cancer cells. Ordinary cells that collect and from a mass are fibroids, and if that mass has a regular blood supply to bring in oxygen and nutrients than it will continue to grow.

As it will grow, symptoms like pressure; pain, excessive bleeding, and the abdominal swelling will grow too. But these symptoms can be reversible. If you ever looked at an x-ray of a fibroid, you could see many tiny blood vessels like tiny roads that supply nourishment for the fibroid. The more nourishment it will get the bigger and more quickly fibroids grow. It can become very large in no time. But they are treatable, unlike cancerous tumors. And the better news is you don’t have to do surgery, it is not the only option you have.

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How do Fibroids Affect Sexual Life?

One of the symptoms of fibroid is the loss of sexual desire. Suddenly you think that sex is painful and just a struggle or you just don’t have it. First of all, do not ever ignore sudden changes that occur in your body, these changes can be signs of critical issues.  Make sure that you take an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss symptoms. An explanation of fibroids is the size of a tumor. Large fibroids can produce pressure in the uterus and it can cause sex to become painful. 

When benign fibroids grow at the end of your vaginal tract in the area of your cervix, they can make penetration in sex more uncomfortable for women. It can become worse when fibroids start to bleed during sexual activity another explanation for your loss in sex is even if the fibroid is small in size they impact in your sexual and normal life both. Small fibroid cause imbalance between estrogen and progesterone which results in loss of interest in sex make you feel uncomfortable.

Having extreme pain in the pelvis and in lower abdomen can make your intercourse more painful as well. It depends on the size of the fibroids, the abdomen can become enlarged so that it can be noticed, even resembling pregnancy, which surely interfaces with your sex life as well. Urinary incontinence and frequency is another major problem with fibroids which make you feel the need to urinate and come in the way and make sex unappealing.

Types of Treatment Available for Fibroids

There are many treatment options available for fibroids that will improve the effects of symptoms.

  • Hysterectomy– it is the surgery which cuts off the uterus having a fibroid and also the ability of childbearing of women.
  • Myomectomy– in this process the fibroids are removed.
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization – in this treatment the supply of nutrients to fibroids is blocked.

If you are Being on your period for longer than a week or bleeding severely, it can make it more difficult and even impossible to have sexual intercourse at that time. There are many treatments available for fibroids surgery and if you go for surgery, not only you will have many problems but also you have to wait for recovery time and ultimately for sexual intercourse and it can possibly affect your sex life.


Aside from the severe pain, heavy bleeding, and bloating abdomen with fibroids experience, there is another worry you have to take care of– how will it affect your sex life? Uterine Fibroids, which are noncancerous, grows on or in the muscle walls of the uterus; it can present many obstacles in the bedroom. From worse symptoms to severe pain during sexual activity, there are many problems that can occur due to fibroids. However, going through treatment, you can get a happy and a fulfilling sex life easily.

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How do Fibroids Affect Sexual Life?
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