Erectile Dysfunction: Definition, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment!


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a modern problem for many males. The inability to achieve, sustain or control an erection is problematic, if not disabling for men. It can impact their personal relationships, love lives, careers and their self-esteem in general.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Men Today?

There are a number of reasons that males have problems getting and sustaining a sexually stimulated erection. Some of these reasons are physical and some are more psychological. Whatever the root cause, this must be ascertained before anything can be done to remedy the problems. It is also important to understand that all males have times when they can’t get it up. Not all sexual performance issues need medical treatment, but finding the root cause of a man’s erectile dysfunction is an important starting point. ED is something that must be openly addressed without fear, ridicule, or shame.

What are the Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction?

Generally ED is characterized as either physiological or psychological, although usually both components are factors. Physical things like stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, anxiety, abuse of alcohol or prescription medications, these can hinder the male ability to get an erection. Such physical factors must be addressed, because their impact will also be noticeable throughout the lifestyle of said individual male.

Psychological things like depression, co-dependence, imagined sexual issues, fear of sexual performance failures and relationship stress, these don’t help make men any less sexually frustrated. A great number of erectile dysfunction issues are directly related to the psychological state of the individual. Men are rather fragile creatures in this way.

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What are the treatments available for no Erection?

  • Using Natural Male Enhancements: Virility herbs was first discovered by the Asian alchemists and were reinvented by later European herbalists. Today most of the herbs that are known to be beneficial to men’s health and in particular the circulation of blood flow for the body, these are all understood by modern medicine to be safe.
    The most effective treatments for sexual male enhancement are Gingko biloba, Yohimbe herb and Asian ginseng. Other products include Maca Root, Ashwagandha Extract, Indian Ginseng, Catuaba Bark, Cinnamon Bark, Cistanche Bark, Horny Goat Weed and Jujube Fruit.
    Also there are many natural enhancement properties found by getting a healthy amount of vitamins everyone knows about in your daily diet. Vitamin C, E, and B complex are essential nutrients for genital functions, by taking supplements of these vitamins can aid male sexual dysfunction. Zinc and L-arginine boost sexual performance and promote increased blood circulation to the penis itself.
  • Other Types of Sexual Male Enhancements Today: Besides pill based natural male enhancements for those suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are other methods to try. Many adult shops and boutiques cater to the needs of erectile dysfunction, but simply package their methods in a more erotica oriented manner. These outlets can be found in most local regions or users may have privacy by ordering products online.

    Penis pumps, vacuums and extenders have been around for a long time, each having a reputation for successful male enhancement. Such products have some  inherent complications and can cause users to injure themselves accidently. Of the adult toy oriented male sexual enhancers, cock rings are generally the safest. Just don’t wear one for extended periods of time.

    Gels, lotions and lubricants are another category of male sexual enhancements, but the effectiveness isn’t always guaranteed. Using lubricants regularly can cause loss of penis sensitivity, making arousal dependent on lubrication.  Also some males are allergic to the compounds in such products, so their practical usage is limited. Adult products sold as creams, lotions, gels or other typical lubricants should only be used occasionally.

So, what’s the conclusion?

Men of all ages that are sexually active can make use of male enhancement pills to effectively treat ED, even without a doctor’s prescription. Such products have herbal ingredients with substantial historical and scientifically sound components in them, most having been used since long ago in human history.

Erectile dysfunction no longer needs to be a disabling thing for males. In fact, ED diagnosis and treatment can be the first step to more fulfilling sex lives for males today. It is time for a new sexual revolution, one that understands that all men are sexual beings with sexual dysfunctions and nobody should be ashamed of it.

Erectile Dysfunction: Definition, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment!
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