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Can a Woman Get Pregnant Wearing a Condom?


The condom is actually a simple and an incredible invention that made a huge difference in many lives across the globe. As per the recent statistics, over 15 billion condoms are used in a year around the globe by human beings; that is just a lot of safe sex. Although these condoms aren’t 100% perfect, but they are the best rubber tools we have to prevent unplanned pregnancies and unwanted sexual diseases when used vaginally and can also be used for anal sex to provide protection against STI’s.

A male condom is an external covering that fits over an erect penis and almost like a second skin. A female or internal condom is a soft, loose-fitting polyurethane plastic pouch which is inserted into the vagina before intercourse. When used perfectly, male condoms can be up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But in reality they are only 85% effective and therefore an average of 15 out of 100 women get pregnancy while using the condoms as their only form of protection for a year. The female condoms are slightly less effective around 95% effective when used perfectly and in reality it is only 79%. Hence on an average about 21 out of 100 women get pregnant when using them for a year.

Condoms should be used every time and from the start of intercourse to prevent pregnancy most effectively. Hence, they are the commended contraceptives for safe sex. However, you need to know how to use them well to attain maximum benefits and reduce the chances of pregnancy with a condom. Let us check out what is the possibility of getting a girl pregnant wearing a condom.

What Affects the Possibility of Getting A Girl Pregnant wearing a Condom?

There is some possibility that a girl can get pregnant wearing a condom, but it’s unlikely. According to researchers and medical experts, the efficiency of condom contraceptive use is about 97 to 98 percent. The following explains the factors affecting the chances of pregnancy while using a condom:

  1. Effectiveness of Condoms: The average effectiveness of using condoms is 98% which means that about 2 to 3 percent of those 15 billion condoms used to break in the middle of the sexual intercourse. This interpretation is essential to give the person using condom better odds than simply having 2% chance of being pregnant every time while wearing a condom during sex.
  1. Situational and Personal Factors: Although the average effectiveness of condoms is 98% for most individuals; however, this effectiveness is not just obvious because pregnancy depends on numerous factors, which are even unrelated to condom usage. Most of these factors are difficult and impossible to calculate, or in other words your mileage may vary.
  1. Incorrect Use: Usually, most people perceive condom usage as easy, but the truth is that it’s not as easy as said. This is because most people rarely do the right things every time while using condoms. As per the statistics, perfect use of condoms is 98% effective. The usage is divided into perfect use and typical use, and the difference between the two lies on the user error or omission, i.e. not leaving space at the tip for semen.

What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant If the Condom Breaks?

There are several reasons that may lead to breaking of a condom, and they include:

  • Very old: Modern condom packs have an expiry date.
  • Improper or poor storage: Extensive exposure of latex condoms to heat damages them; hence they should not be kept at a hot place such as a car glove compartment or even a wallet.
  • Not enough lubrication: Additional lubrication will always be needed for anal sex and in some cases in vaginal sex. The lubricant used should be water-soluble i.e. KY jelly.
  • Wrong kind of lubrication: The lubricants containing oil such as vegetable oils, Vaseline, etc. shouldn’t be used especially with latex condoms because they reduce the strength of the rubber.
  • Partner too tight: In this case, use an extra strength condom and with more lubricant.
  • Too small: Although regular sized condoms will fit most people, but if the condoms are breaking or slipping off regularly, then should try a larger size.

Often, the condoms will break when there is much friction during sex or if they have been exposed to heat or when they are nearing their expiry or use date. However, use of additional water-based lubricants with the condoms can reduce the risk of breaking or bursting.

There is no exact percentage on possibilities to get pregnant if the condom breaks. Additionally, if your partner is on any other contraception such as a pill then the possibility to get pregnant are slim. However, it’s recommended to use condoms together with other methods of contraception in order to avoid unintended pregnancies.

The probability of getting pregnant with a condom also depend on the stage at which a woman was in her menstrual cycle. Often, women are fertile between the 11th and 15th day of their cycle. In case a condom breaks then woman has 72 hours to take the morning after pill available over the counter in most pharmacies, and this will reduces her likelihood to get pregnant.

Finally, if a condom breaks during intercourse, you’d better go for a check-up in a medical health care center.

How to Use Condoms Correctly?

Most male condom packs come with directions or instructions that should be followed carefully. You should not be carried away and try to rush things as this might increase the possibility of getting a girl pregnant wearing a condom. Here are some standard guides to use the condom correctly:

  • Get familiar with condoms ahead of the act to be more comfortable using them. This will also better your chance to use them successfully. Condoms are most effective when both partners are familiar with them and know how they are used.
  • Communicate with your partner about the condoms before, during and after sex. It s better to ensure that you are on the same page about condom use and the amount of risk you are comfortable with ahead of time.
  • Store condoms at cool and dry place, away from heat and sunlight as it can get damaged.
  • Always check the expiry date before using a condom.
  • Before opening it, fold and squeeze the package together into a U-shape. If the air escapes and the package gets flat instead of pillowy then do not use it as it may have tears.
  • Take out the condom from the package down the jagged edge and remove it gently. Avoid using teeth or long nails as it can tear a condom.
  • Do not blow it as this could weaken the condom.
  • Look at the condom to ensure there is no flakiness or discolouration, if present then throw it away.
  • Squeeze out air from the “teat” located at the end of the condom.
  • Roll on the condom to your erect penis and this should only be done when the penis is erect.
  • Roll down the condom till it reaches the base of the penis and ensure its firm.
  • Some men experience condom collapse or loosing erection when rolling the condom. In this case, ask your partner to do it while massaging you simultaneously.
  • Soon after you have climaxed, hold the condom firmly on the penis and then remove it from the vagina. Ensure that no fluid is spilled out.
  • Take off the condom from the penis and wrap it in a tissue or paper and dispose it in a bin.
  • If you wish to have sex the same day, clean your penis and use a new condom.
  • Do not ever try to reuse a condom.
  • Have more than one condom handy to use a new condom for each new act of sexual intercourse.

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Can a Woman Get Pregnant Wearing a Condom?
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