Weight Watchers Review: How Safe and effective is Weight Watchers for you?


Weight Watchers Overview:

Weight Watchers is widely-known diet clubs of all time. They offer programs for weight loss for both Men and Women. This reputable diet-club has gained popularity because of its ‘points’ food system. This system is quite familiar with every diet enthusiast. You will easily find one who have availed this diet regime once in his life.

If you go through the website of weight watchers you can find it extensive, professional and informative. The website provides us with so much information at a time that it becomes hard for the user to navigate between the section and read the entire particulars at one go. The website has extensive testimonials with the success stories along with the pictures of transformation, personal tips for weight loss and individual’s body statistics. There are several online tools to help the user to calculate Body Mass Index or avail a customized diet chart.

Weight Watchers Diet Ingredients

When an individual is on weight watchers diet, it is advised to cook one’s own meal. An app and a guide is offered to every individual with an extensive list of recipes that has stated values. The diet mainly focuses on introducing healthy foods. High fiber, sugar free and non processed foods have lower points, while highly processed foods have higher points. Though the website does not disclose the scientific facts to chose such diets.

How to take Weight Watchers

Level of effort for Weight Watchers plan is Medium. The diet plan does not forbids any food though it will depend on the ‘Point’ assigned to the food. The main struggle for the users is to mark the points every time they take their meals. The healthy and low-calorie food are low points or are sometimes free and high calorie foods are with higher points. The customer needs to count those points and maintain the daily prescribed target.

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Claims by Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers claims that the diet is a lifestyle change program designed to help you to shed weight. The company believes that if a customer adopts a healthier lifestyle with proper combination of diet and exercise, then it would be easy to lose weight. Weight Watchers claims that the people who have followed the Points plan can lose 1-2 pounds a week.

How to Access to Weight Watchers Program:

The customers of Weight Watchers have two options. They can either opt out for online regime or go directly to their location. If the user is located in an urban area, he can easily access to any of the sites nearby. It is difficult to find a Weight Watchers center in rural areas. For such customer only online plan works. Weight Watchers provides a comprehensive online plan that includes weight trackers, simple workout demonstrations, recipes and meal ideas. Whereas in offline mode, users are asked to ‘buddy-up’ with dieters for motivation and support. They get access to program materials, online tools and receive confidential weigh-ins. Both the online and offline mode have an initial sign-up fee. Registration fee for online plan is $30. offline plan it is $20.

Weight Watchers also has 2- week started program if you want to really check whether it works for you! The started program is called Simple Start. One can start this through own mobile application that includes 30 meal ideas with photos recommending the quantity of meal. The application also has tips for dining out and variety of suggestions for snacks and beverages. You would also get a motivational support from Weight Watchers to carry out the program with enough zeal.

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Advantages of the Weight Watchers Plan:

– Weight Watchers is a reputable company

– The plan is reasonable and has both options- Online and offline for the convenience of the users

– The website is informative and has a good testimonial section

– The plan provides much needed support and motivation

– The ‘points’ system is easy-to-follow

– There is no sign up period for the plans

Disadvantages of the Weight Watchers Plan:

– The concept is old fashioned

– The diet plan is not scientific

– Usually don’t keep a track of ‘points’

– The recommended food of Weight Watchers brand is not readily available

The final Verdict

Consumers may feel very safe and comfortable while choosing the Weight Watchers program as the company is reputable and the plans are reasonable. One can easily recommend the regime to anyone. Though the company has an effective weight loss diet, but the diet is not supported with any scientific description. People already have a fair idea that the weight loss plans needs a proper combination of diet and exercise regime. People might feel that the diet plan given by Weight Watchers is the same like any another plan required to shed weight. The users may or may not like the traditional diet plan. You can also choose from several other products available in the market based on- Ingredients, effectiveness and weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers Review: How Safe and effective is Weight Watchers for you?
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