Review of Calorie King: How Calorie king is effective to shed your extra pound?


Overview of Calorie King

Calorie King is a weight loss website and a complete book that provides nutritional information to the users. It makes users to access the information easily and guide them to shed extra fats. The website includes varied information related to weight loss, apps and book brands which help users to learn about their diet’s nutritional values as well as aware them about their eating habits. Recommended meals are available on the website, users can choose varied meals from the website basis of their choice or one can simply follow their own diet themselves. Online support is also offered in the website which provides encouragement to the dieters and gives amazing tips to help the dieter to follow a strict regime. The company Calorie King has end number of resources and books available for users to guide them through the process of healthy living.

Manufacturer information of Calorie King

Calorie King is a product of Allan Borusek is based in La Mesa, California, founded in the year 1973. The company is named as Calorie King Wellness Solutions, Inc.

The Website provides recipes and dishes for the user to try on their own instead of pre-processed foods. The Recipes on the website includes all natural ingredients to maintain your regular calorie table. The ingredients of recipes usually have a rich source of vitamins and minerals. One of the major problem of is,  the Calorie king is that they do not offer motivation. Moreover, they don’t have any kind of online support for its users. One has to be disciplined and ensure a strong will power to stick to the weight loss regime.

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Features of the Calorie King

Calorie King provides important and meaningful information to the user about weight loss. They keep updating their website for the users to stay updated, with the help of calorie king users are able to maintain their healthy routine. Features of the Calorie King:

  • It works as a diary to help you maintain a routine, strategically it provides information or tips on regular basis, and it means that everyday you will see something different for you!
  • It includes recipes which you can try at your home, that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Some applications and books are really helpful to maintain nutritional values.



Advantages of the Calorie King

  • Calorie King helps to limit your calories intake capacity as per their expert recommendations.
  • The website of Calorie King educates people about the different nutritional values of the food.

Disadvantages of the Calorie King

  • It is only a website on the online platform, you just have to create an account to their official website to order it.
  • It has no online support for the users
  • There’s no motivation to take up the weight loss regime
  • There’s no proof whether the weight loss instruction given in the website will help people to lose weight.

Possible Side Effects of Calorie King

Calorie King has no reported side effects. The Company claims that they are using natural ingredients which have zero side effects.

Consumer reviews (Source: Amazon)

By gogowoman47, Nov, 4 2017

For health reasons, it is really important for me to remain aware of what I am eating both the type of food and the amount as well as how hydrated I am. I have tried several journals over the last ten years and always come back to this one as the best for tracking purposes. Highly recommend it!

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By Pedro M Bermudez

Nov 10, 2017

Great information, but cumbersome to use efficiently. I imagine that after a certain time the searches become second nature. It helps me control my carbs intake.

By natrock1

Jan, 31 2017, Amazon

GREAT, no-frills book, REASONABLY priced that is a small size, good for taking with you discreetly. There are other things in here that are nice; mini fat, calorie and carb counter, tips on exercise, fat intake/reduction, sugar reduction, carb/fiber intake, etc. Just my own personal wish–I would’ve liked this book to be more than for 10 weeks, though.

One can also read Customer Opinion Page give on the website of Calorie King
Final Verdict of the Calorie King

Calorie King is a website to help the users with a complete guideline and tips to live healthy. It also helps users to track their calorie intake and thereby enable them to reach their weight loss goals. Calorie King has several drawbacks, it can’t be adopted by the people who have no time to cook or even track their calorie intake. Moreover, there’s no support or motivation to take up the diet.

So before choosing the Calorie King one should understand their goals and their preferences on basis of major factors like effectiveness, quality, whether the product promotes diet suppression, increases metabolism and at last it meets the desired target.

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