Profemin: Does Profemin Work?


What is Profemin?

Profemin could be a product that’s sold-out via the web and designed to assist women through the menopause. Whereas this is often natural a part of every woman’s life, it may be in the course of some unpleasant symptoms as well as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, sleep disorder and vaginal dryness. There are variety of various treatments on the market as well as hormones replacement therapy, however this may have some unwanted and even risky facet effects. Profemin offers a secure, natural alternative to this. The web site for the product is incredibly informative.

Profemin Manufacturer Information

Profemin producers are the TheraBotanics pharmaceutical team. TheraBotanics pharmaceutical could be a megastar within the supplement-multivitamin trade as they attempt to supply supplements for all ages, genders and specific desires. TheraBotanics pharmaceuticals produce sports supplements, exercise supplements, immune boosters, sex enhancers for both genders, specific gender multivitamins- of that profemin is one, and even beauty product.

With their wide variety of offering, TheraBotanics Pharmaceuticals has drawn enough critics. The mere fact that they still are in business notwithstanding scrutiny and critics goes a long way to show that at the very least, TheraBotanics Pharmaceuticals do not give ineffective produce. The profemin formula however is owed to Dr. Tara Allmen, a medical practitioner who specializes in women’s health, certified gynecologist and menopausal health.

Profemin Ingredients

As per the company’s website, they use natural ingredients in their product Profemin. Profemin doesn’t contain hormones, however rather contain estrogen hormone boosters. Active ingredients in Profemin include:

  • Angelica Gigas: Traditionally used for Gynecological Health.
  • Phlomis Umbrosa: Traditionally used for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.
  • Cyanchum Wilfordii: An important herb in Asian medicine traditionally used to improve circulatory function.
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Benefits of Profemin

  • Profemin is 100% natural and is usually composed of seasoning ingredients that are employed in ancient Chinese drugs and Asian drugs generally.
  • Because it’s natural, facet effects are restricted to potential overdoses from B-complex vitamin instead of actual adverse effects even once the medication is used right.
  • Even though it’s not approved by the FDA as a drug, it’s made up of under strict guidelines as a dietary supplement, with each bottle encapsulated within the U.S.A.
  • Quite a number of women showed enhancements at intervals every week of taking Profemin, according to one double-blind, placebo-controlled study.
  • It only takes 2 capsules on a daily basis to urge the results you would like.
  • Few to none drug interactions with Profemin can lead to any adverse results since it’s a dietary supplement that may be taken like vitamins.

Who ought to use Profemin?

As has been outlined earlier, Profemin falls below the particular gender category of product. Only women go through menopause, and therefore there isn’t a need for men to require a further look at this product- unless you’re buying a feminine friend! Women who haven’t hit this stage in their lives may simply need to acknowledge its existence, but it isn’t of much benefit to them nevertheless. It’s the women undergoing menopausal symptoms that are the key client TheraBotanics Pharmaceuticals had in mind once they designed Profemin.


There are variety of positive aspects of Profemin that make it well worth the higher price tag, specifically the actual fact that it’s proven successful in clinical trials. However, the manufacturer ought to create a more robust try at explaining and revealing the ingredients as several customers would undoubtedly need to understand however it works. It’s a bonus that Profemin is available for a 30-day risk free trial as this should allow the user to judge for themselves just how effective this particular brand is for relieving their menopausal symptoms.

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Profemin: Does Profemin Work?
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