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Online Counseling

What Is Online Counselling

Today in these modern times and rapidly booming technology everyone is dreaming in unreal world rather than concentrating on the real things which matter to us. In the past, during the starting of the 19th century, when there was little or no growth of smart phones, tablets or rather calling smart technology, people used to spend time talking to each other, lending a hand to the one in need and share each other’s problem. So in other words they never needed a person called as a counselors. But in these advanced technology times, everyone has a busy lifestyle running with the time and they feel stressed about the choices they are making, or anxiety, fear of losing a job, health conditions, about education, marriage and children and what not.

So here comes the role of Counselor to relieve these people from the burden they are bearing and to show simple solution to all their problems. Indeed, everyone wants a simple solution for their complex problems like rather than running in to the office of a counsellors in their busy lifestyle they prefer to solve their problem by attending online. By this way all their needs are met and their problems are solved.

Online counselling is a place where anyone can attend, from any place of the world and find a solution for their problems either in marriage, health and children to discuss about their psychological problems in day to day life and the only requirement is to have an internet connection.

Who needs counseling

Who needs online counselling

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People having problems in their relationships, grief and loss of a person in their life, drug and alcohol addictions, stress, depression, anxiety, work relations, health issues, children.

These people who are so buried their own problems need a counsellors with whom they can discuss their concerns either by writing e-mail, or contacting on phone or via skype counselling or via instant messenger.

People can feel a huge amount of comfort and support by just attending online counselling that there is someone who can hear them and respond to their problems without judging them to overcome the difficult times in their life.

What to Expect before Online Counselling

Online counselling can be done by either by email, chat, phone, or skype. People should be well aware about the option which is most suitable to them. Before proceeding to the online counselling the counsellors will need to know some of the background information about the client, medical conditions and any other serious issues which are of concern. It should also be ensured that all the private and confidentiality information of the client is safeguarded and protected from the third party.

What are the procedures and stages of online counselling

Online counselling mainly occurs by e-mail, instant messenger, phone or skype. E-mail counselling is an online counselling where the client discusses his concerns via a series of emails and the online counsellors takes time to read his concerns and replies with an therapeutic response and once the client is satisfied enough with the counselling, the session will be terminated and client’s privacy and confidentiality policy is maintained.

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Online chat counselling is carried out between a client and counsellors at a pre-arranged time. The counsellors address all the concerns of the client via the chat process. This can go on to many sessions and once client is satisfied with the therapy, the session is terminated and the confidentiality is maintained.

Telephone counselling is the oldest form of counselling which is in use since long time. In this, certain time is fixed for client and counsellors to interact on phone to discuss the concerns and series of phone calls are made and once client is satisfied the sessions are terminated.

Skype is a software program that helps you to video chat with other people on the internet. Skype calling is mainly a video conferencing form of counselling where in client and counsellors discuss via a video call to address the issue. This counselling will usually need a microphone and webcam and also this method is more effective as the counsellors can see the emotions and facial expressions of the client as in face to face counselling.

What to expect after online counselling

All the sessions with counsellors are private and confidential and do not divulge any information to other parties without the client’s permission. The counsellors also keep the track of the progress of the clients counselling throughout the session. Counselor suggests some changes in lifestyle, food habits, workouts which needed to be strictly followed by the client for betterment of his life. Once all the sessions are completed the clients feel a sense of freedom and joy to rejuvenate their life again.

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Online counselling in India : Cost and Effectiveness

India is a developing country which is picking up its pace to be in par with developed countries. Online counselling is a pretty new concept in India. But in India the online counselling platform is a huge success as many professionals are logging on to sessions to complain about the stress levels they are going through.


According to Healtheminds Online Counseling website tells, the online session offered are affordable & Effective, there are proven results seen and people are getting back in immense to talk more with the counselors and do the home work provided.

Online Counselling for Psychological Problems
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