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Medical Visa to India from Nigeria


The healthcare sector is a very crucial part for the overall development of any country. The good health of the population of that country depends totally on this sector. But unfortunately, many countries don’t have the capability to maintain the standards of their healthcare sector; especially the developing countries like Nigeria. That’s why the Nigerian population has to look beyond the borders to find suitable healthcare facilities.

Heart Transplant in India:

As most of us know that Heart Transplant is a very complex heart procedure, which needs the highest level of surgical skills and meticulousness. The best Heart surgery hospitals in India are very competent in this matter. These hospitals and the associated Heart surgeons are very specialized and world renowned having a high rate of success. The services provided by these Heart hospitals have given a new phase of life to many Nigeria patients, in particular when it comes to Heart Transplant in India for Nigeria patients.

Best Heart Surgery Hospitals in India:

The Nigerian patients can enjoy the best healthcare facilities at the Indian ‘centers of excellence’ i.e., the best Heart surgery hospitals in India. Some of the best Heart surgery hospitals in India offering Heart Transplant in India for Nigeria patients are Fortis Healthcare, Medanta the Medicity, Max Healthcare and few other hospitals.

These hospitals are internationally accredited and match global benchmarks, which make them some of the best in the world, the best Heart surgery hospitals in India have the most sophisticated technology and implement the most modern and cutting edge techniques to help the Nigeria patients in getting relief from their health ailments.

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Special Services for Nigerian Patients:

Nigerian being not so developed economically, the availability of affordable healthcare is very important for the Nigerian population. But it is not there in their country, which makes it very difficult for the Nigerians. That’s why a country like India is a boon for them. In India the Nigerian patients can avail numerous medical advantages for every health issue; especially Heart Transplant in India for Nigeria patients is quite cost effective. There are other special benefits like low waiting period, superlative care, highly skilled Heart surgeons attending to the Nigeria patients and many other attractive features.

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Services provided by Tour2india4health Group:

1. Second opinion – A complementary second opinion can mean a lot, when it comes to having doubts related to any illness and the concerned procedures. There can undoubtedly some queries related to the ability of the doctors or about the diagnostics. So we offer the Nigeria patients a free second opinion at best Heart surgery hospitals in India

2. Clinical camps – It is very crucial that the Nigerians are aware about the various health issues. So we organize clinical camps for their health benefits.

3. Special packages – For the relief and satisfaction of the Nigerian Nationals, we make available customized treatment packages at the best Heart surgery hospitals in India for Nigeria patients; knowing that these Nigerians are coming from all kinds of socio-economic sections.

4. Language Assistance – We can arrange for expert translators or interpreters in case of any obstacles related to language. This is important for better doctor-patient coordination.

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5. Special food – For best results and safer outcomes, it is very important that all the food restrictions are followed strictly by the patients. So we arrange for customized diet for to avoid any complications during the course of treatment.

6. Follow up services – In order to ensure that there are hindrances in the follow ups, we maintain a strict schedule for our Nigeria patients. Our follow up services look after them even when they are back in their country.

7. Medical Visa – Our round the clock medical visa support staff is there to help the Nigeria patients, with all their queries related to medical visa to India.

8. Free services to other family members – We provide complementary yearly health checkups for the families of our Nigeria patients. There is guidance given regarding various health issues, suitable diet and exercise plans as well.

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