Alli Weight Loss Pills: Do They Help Shed Weight?


Alli Weight Loss Pills Product Overview:

Alli is a common over the counter medication which is prescribed to people who wish to lose weight. Studies have shown that Alli can give much better weight loss results than most of the other dieting methods can. This weight loss pill is suitable and intended to be used by overweight adults in the age group of 18 years and above. However, they should also follow a considerably low-fat diet and consume reduced amounts of calories in their day to day life. It is advised to take Alli only under the proper guidance of the Physician or the Medical Expert.

Manufacturer details:

Alli is manufactured by gsk Pharmaceuticals. This company is a vast market place and loyal consumers as well. Gsk is a Global Health company which is led by science. It is mainly into Research and Development of a wide range of innovative products catering to 3 main areas i.e. Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare.

Ingredients of Alli:

  • Orlistat: This is a generic drug and also an active ingredient of Alli. Orlistat plays the role of blocking the action of enzyme present in the body which breaks down fats. As a result of this, it becomes easier for the body to absorb fats. The fat which is not broken down yet absorbed is excreted from the body. Thus it is prevented from being stored in the body for long. Alli consists 60 mg Orlistat which is 50 percent less than what most other weight reducing drugs contain. This makes Alli safe for consumption.
  • There are few inactive ingredients as well which help in improving the appearance, bioavailability and stability along with the taste of the product. The inactive ingredients present in Alli are FD and C Blue No.2, sodium lauryl, edible ink, iron dioxide and Microcrystalline.
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How does Alli work?

Alli decreases the amount of dietary fats absorbed in the intestines thus helping to lose weight. The digestive tract contains an enzyme named Lipase which performs the function of breaking down dietary fat into smaller components. These are stored in the body for energy. When Alli is taken along a meal, almost 30 percent of the fats consumed by you isn’t broken down but is eliminated through the bowel movements. Physical Exercise and proper dietary habits will compliment the effect of Alli.

Pros of Alli:

  • It is approved and regulated by the FDA.
  • Easily available over the counter pill
  • Alli helps to reduce 50% more weight as compared to other dieting methods.

Cons of Alli:

  • Is suitable only for specific age group of people
  • Generally, Alli is not recommended to be taken for long terms
  • It absorbs the nutrients of other vitamins and hence causes malabsorption

Side effects of Alli:

  • Infections of the upper respiratory tract
  • Minor or Severe headaches
  • Incontigence of the stool
  • It may also cause menstrual irregularities sometimes for few
  • Back pain
  • Increase in the number of Bowel Movements
  • Experiencing abdominal pain or discomfort


Alli should be consumed as per the information on the label. You should avoid taking it in larger or smaller or for longer period of time. Alli is generally taken 3 times a day with each meal that contains some amount of fat. You take the medicine either 1 hour after eating food or with the meal.


You must store Alli at room temperature. Keep it away from the moisture and heat. The bottle should always be tightly closed.

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Precautions to be taken:

  • You should never share Alli with a person who has a history of eating disorder.
  • As Alli can make it harder for the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, E, K and D, it is advised to take your vitamin and other mineral supplements when you sleep or else at least 2 hours prior or after consuming Alli.

You should not eat Alli if-

  • Are allergic to Orlistat
  • Have any gallbladder issues
  • Are Pregnant
  • You have healthy weight
  • Already have problems with absorbing food nutrients
  • You have recently gone through an Organ transplant

As we have read above, Alli appears to be a supplement which caters very well towards the objective of weight loss. But you cannot expect results just by consuming Alli. For desired weight loss results it is very important to follow a completely low-fat and reduced amounts of calories in every meal of the day. Exercising and other physical activities increase the changes of much better outcome of taking Alli. You cannot take it as a replacement for a healthy diet and regular physical activity. It is very important that you do an evaluation with your physician about the benefits and risk factors of the medicine on your body.

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Alli Weight Loss Pills: Do They Help Shed Weight?
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