Is Vitamin B12 Crucial for Joint Pain and Arthritis Today?


Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamin variants. All B vitamins assist in blood formation, but are better known for helping the brain and nervous system to function well. Vitamin B12 has been found helpful in combating numerous health problems and nutritional deficiencies. The most well documented of these health problems are related to joint pain relief for arthritis patients and the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency.

In many ways, vitamin B12 is a wonder of modern natural medicine and an alternative to other drug therapies today. To understand why this vitamin is so useful, it also becomes necessary to examine how vitamin B12 works with the human body and the impact it has on people in this century. In this article, the focus shall be on the primary ways vitamin B12 is currently being used and how it is administered for various treatment types.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This is the most frequent use of Vitamin B12, to treat it’s own deficiency in the common human diet. Many factors cause such deficiencies today, most related to pernicious anemia and factors that cause absorption of Vitamin B12 to be lower when consumed. Also the vitamin itself does not occur naturally, but is a buy product of bacteria in the guts of animals and around the root systems of plants.

This is unfortunate, because vitamin B12 is the key to numerous biochemical processes within the human physiology. It is necessary to cellular metabolism of energy, production of fatty acids, synthesis of DNA and other essential body functions. So treatment of B12 deficiency is highly important and being researched in modern medicine, but for now it is still a matter that has no absolute solutions scientifically.

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Vitamin B12 for Joint Pain Relief

The drugs and compounds used for joint pain relief, generally have unwanted side effects. Common or extended usage of joint pain medications are the cause of problems with the digestive tract, upsetting stomach pains and even internal bleeding. Since vitamin B12 is also essential to the production of new red blood cells, it has been used to combat a wide variety of painful joint problems, because it can help in the simultaneous treatment of anemia.

Vitamin B12 for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Treatment of anemia and joint pain are common issues for all patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Those suffering from arthritis, generally display symptomatic problems that are associated with seriously low levels of vitamin B12, especially those patients that are over 50 years in age. Interestingly, patients in these age ranges often suffer from fatigue, psychosis, depression, manic problems and memory loss. All of which are also aided by treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency. Although vitamin B12 is not a cure for arthritis or it’s related symptoms, it does have a dramatic impact on the joint paint associated with all aging health issues in this arena.

Vitamin B12 for Bone Health

Those deficient in vitamin B12 are at high risk for osteoporosis and decaying health to the bones. Vitamin B12 deficiency is a catalyst for the onset of bone demineralization and issues concerning bone density. Vitamin B12 also prevents joint inflammation by inhibition of the cells related to such reactions in the immune system. This is the primary reason that vitamin B12 and synthesized supplements are very effective in the treatment of chronic, acute and mild joint pain. Use of vitamin B12 additionally, can help prevent the risk of breaking and fracturing bones, especially in older adult patients.

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Vitamin B12 Injections for Bursitis

A good deal of research has suggested that injections of vitamin B12 maybe helpful in treatment of bursitis. Bursitis occurs as an inflammation of the padding which cushions the bodily joints, the tissues called bursa. This condition causes pain in the heels, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and other bone joints. For such problems, vitamin B12 is recommended, but injection is the preferred method of delivery. Similar B12 injections have been used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, malaise and very extreme cases of arthritis. There is some evidence that shows these injections can also aid in weight loss.

Vitamin B12 injections deliver a high dosage into the body very rapidly, thus speeding up the metabolism faster than other treatment methods do. Although Bursitis can be treated with massage, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and even ice pack compression, the injection of B12 is considered far safer for reducing pain and the swelling caused by the disorder.

Vitamin B12 Natural Supplements

When taken in the form of natural supplements, vitamin B12 can aid with all nutritional deficiencies and for those who cannot get enough B12 in their food diet. Since most of the B12 in plants is lost during the washing, cooking and eating process, many vegans and vegetarians need to use such natural supplements. These supplemental versions come in pill form, nasal spray, liquids, transdermal patches and of course, injections.

Vitamin B12 Side Effects

Some last words should be given to vitamin B12 and it’s associated side effects. If used to treat joint pain originating from several different causes, B12 can exacerbate joint pains or even worsen them. This is most likely to occur when using B12 injection for the treatment of multiple joint pain problems. Other side effects can include allergic skin issues, abdominal pains, gastrointestinal problems, headaches and hypersensitivity. Most of these will occur as localized pain at the point of the B12 injection and generally will not happen with other administered methods of vitamin B12 intake.

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In Conclusion for Vitamin and Arthritis

When used properly, vitamin B12 can greatly aid with joint pain and arthritis, this has been proven by modern scientific research. No such vitamin B12 regiments should be used without the proper guidance and regular treatment monitoring. As with all such vitamin treatments, the impact will only be effective, if used and continued over a continuous time period. Even so, vitamin B12 is a much less risky method of achieving significant joint pain relief and can help patients suffering from many ailments to live happier, more productive lives.

It is a wonder of our modern times, so why not see how vitamin B12 can help improve your health, or the health of someone that you love today.

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Is Vitamin B12 Crucial for Joint Pain and Arthritis Today?
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