Connection between Arthritis and Diabetes


Diabetes is usually known as sugar diabetes, which interferes with the capability of body in order to use sugar. This is known as a long term condition, which need treatment by pills, diet and insulin injections. Usually the doctors call diabetes is divided into two types, which include Type I and II. The fact is the presence of diabetes can lead to several musculoskeletal complications, or in other words the arthritis also, the reverse is true, which means if anyone is experiencing with issues like arthritis he or she is more prone to the problem of diabetes. Thus to claim that there is a connection in between arthritis and diabetes is very much true. Let’s understand how things develop in between the medical ailments in the following paragraphs:



Connection between Arthritis and Diabetes- Facts & Figure

As per reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diabetes has affected 24 million people in the US alone. The recent figure also suggest that 13.7 percent and 11.7 percent of men and women respectively are below 30 years of age who suffer from this menace, while the undiagnosed diabetes can range from 2 to 3.5 percent of the adult population in the US. On the contrary, 43 million people are affected by arthritis wherein as per the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases half of these populations are reported with diabetes and other issues like heart disease and cancer.

The Diabetes link with Arthritis

Though the link between the two medical conditions are not formally proven yet at large both seems to be interconnected to each other. With diabetes, you are more likely to bring in the problems of arthritis, which is nothing but the inflammation you find among your bone joints. The reason why there seems to be a virtual link in between the diabetes and arthritis is that both the conditions share a common kind of attributes. For instance, people who are obese are often at a risk of Type 2 diabetes along with having the risk of encountering the problem of arthritis and osteoarthritis owing to extra amount of pressure being put on the joints due to overweight.

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Another factor to bring in both the issues is the growing age, which makes the difference in between the two conditions. As per the study carried out by Diabetes Care in 2012, people with diabetes type 2 are more likely to encounter a severe kind of arthritis problem, which come along in the form of osteoarthritis that the ones having no disease irrespective of the BMI (body mass index) and age, which are as the rough estimate of the body fat percentage.

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Arthritis and Diabetes together, what’s the solution?

Though with diabetes there is no permanent solution for conditions like arthritis, however, there can be certain treatment to control both the conditions. There are varied amount of arthritis medications that are available, which include both the oral and topical pain relievers. Certain medications can help the uric acid level under a proper control. With immune suppressant medications, you can effectively treat the people with issues like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which further help in preventing the damage that are created with this disease. In the severe kind of cases, the surgical joint replacement can be even warranted. When you have both the conditions affecting you the most then solutions like joint replacement surgery can be an effective solution.

However, experts often feel that people with both the conditions can take resort in exercise, which can eventually help in managing both the problems under control as with surgery you may develop certain issues. For both the conditions, opting for certain physical exercises can help you in regulating the arthritis and diabetes problems to some extent. However, people are discouraged to do physical exercise for some reason, but opting the same can help you in a longer run.

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Exercise tips for people with diabetes and arthritis



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Connection between Arthritis and Diabetes
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