Bio X4 Review: How Safe And Effective Is Bio X4 in shedding weight?


Overview of Bio X4

Bio X4 is a product manufactured by Nucific a company based out in California. The product is specially manufactured to meet overall weight goals and helps in improving the health of an individual. The product is relatively new in the market. Nucific has developed a professional and comprehensive website. The website contains relevant information for the people who are concerned to get desired body and health.

Bio X4 is manufactured with the ingredients which help to overcome nutritional deficiencies. The product has eco-friendly packaging, which is mostly loved by its users.

Apart from weight management, the product features purest of ingredients that helps in regular movement of bowel, improved digestion and proper functioning of the immune system. The nutrients present in the product helps to suppress the craving for food and overall regulate the food intake in the body. The product aims to provide the best nutrients to an individual’s body which is mostly found in insufficient quantities.

Bio X4 is a product of the kind which help the body to get the desired nutrients. The manufacturers claim a cent percent money back guarantee, if the product is returned within 90 days. Individuals can buy the product only through online mode.

Ingredients of Bio X4

The product is manufactured with a several probiotic blend like Lactobacllus blend, Lacidophius, Lplantrum, Larhamnosus, B.lactic, Bifidobacterum, B.animalis, Digestive Enzyme Blend, Amylase (from Aspergilius Oryae), Lipase (from Rhizopusorzae), Bromelain. This product contains a host of ingredients that helps in proper functioning of the digestive system. It contains a collection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that builds immunity in an individual’s body and also promote bowel regularity.

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Advantages of Bio X4

– Money Back guarantee if the product is returned within 90 days
– Earth-friendly packaging
– Product clinically tested by thirty party labs
– Cent percent pure ingredients that has no fillers, it is allergen free and has no gluten and no lactose
– Transparency about company and information in the website

Disadvantages of Bio X4

– It is not available in the retail stores
– Mainly helpful for digestive health and immune system
– Not much helpful in weight loss

Side effect of Bio X4

Nucific Bio X4 is a probiotic based nutritional supplement that is safe and effective in use. Though it is commonly found that probiotic supplements can cause unwanted effects in a human body like nausea, bloating and gas. The symptoms may differ from individual to individual. This always not visible in every user but it is mostly seen in the people with sensitivities in gastrointestinal tracts.

Price of Bio X4 Pills

Bio X4 comes in 3 packs depending how many days of supply, you are looking for. If you are a new user of the product it is advisable to buy 30 days supply of the product:
– 1 Bottle for 30 Days at $99
– 2 bottles for 90 Days at $262
– 6 bottles for 180 Days at $487
According to the manufacturer’s website, the company provides free shipping for the all orders over $50. Bio X4 also available in Walmart.

Bio X4 Customer Reviews (Source: Amazon)

Customers have shown a mixed experience for Bio X4.

Shana Moses
1.0 out of 5 stars
November 12, 2017
Verified Purchase
This product ha not reflected what it promise.

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T. Mueller
5.0 out of 5 stars
November 4, 2017
Verified Purchase
This product has worked for me. I don’t want to say it’s fantastic but I was able to loose up to 20lbs. at one point. I ran out and reordered from another company that never delivered the product and actually gained about 4lbs. back. Mind you this is without exercising or radically changing my diet. I am type 2 diabetic so I try to limit certain things from my diet anyway.

Kathy A. Walker
5.0 out of 5 stars
August 26, 2017
I lost 10 pounds in 3 months! I have been trying to lose those 10 pounds for decades! This product really works. I recommend it to anyone. It also took care of digestive issues I was having. Gradually, you notice you’re not eating as much as you were. You still need to eat light and keep active, but you will lose weight faster and feel better.

Final Verdict of Nucific Bio X4

Bio X4 contains ingredients that claims that it helps to provide support to digestive functioning, it suppresses appetite and also helps to build immunity. The product is comparatively new being launched in 2015. It is important for a user to read reviews and research about the product before buying to avoid problems.

Bio X4 Review: How Safe And Effective Is Bio X4 in shedding weight?
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