Availability of Progressive treatment facilities at the Best Hospitals in India for Kenya Patients


Kenya to India Medical Travel

With every passing year, India is gaining more and more popularity when it comes to being a medical tourism destination. The top hospitals in India are catering to Kenya patients stringently with the best amenities and top notch infrastructure. Kenya nationals are flocking to India to get cured by the best surgeons of India for procedures like Cardiac Surgery, Spine and Neurosurgery, Bariatric and Cosmetic Surgery, Urology and much more.
Not only this, the top hospitals of India are equipped to handle the most complex procedures like Kidney Transplant treatment, Liver Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, Paediatric Surgery, using the latest technology like Robotic surgery, Cyberknife amongst others. All of these at the most affordable prices, which make India a very lucrative medical tourism destination, making Kenya to India medical travel the best decision for the Kenya patients.

Medical Visa to India from Kenya

Kenya to India Medical Travel

How can Tour2india4health help the Kenya nationals access these services?

The healthcare sector in Kenya is not a developed sector. It’s been decades now that Kenya nationals are facing a major deficit of healthcare facilities – be it medical personnel or sufficient medical equipment or paramedic staff. The Government of Kenya has been trying it s best to recover the situation but owing to poor economic and social conditions, misdistribution of healthcare resources, the efforts are going down the drain.

Due to these difficulties, Kenya patients are choosing India as their final treatment destination. This is where Tour2india4health comes into picture. Tour2india4health has been at the forefront when it comes to looking after the medical requirements of the Kenya citizens for Best Hospitals in India for Kenya Patients. We can help the Kenya Nationals access the top hospitals of India blessed with the best surgeons and doctors.

To know about the services visit here: http://www.tour2india4health.com/en-ke/ 

What places Tour2india4health in a further advantageous position?

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1. Free second opinion: When it comes to illness and related procedures, certainly there can be some doubts; regarding the competency of the doctor or about the diagnostic part. In order to clear this dilemma, we can arrange for free second opinion in our impaneled hospitals.

2. Clinical camps: In order to create awareness about various health issues as well as to provide free and easily accessible services, we organize clinical camps for Kenya citizens.

3. Special packages: We ensure that the Kenyans are happy and supremely satisfied with the pricing of the treatments and procedures, they are looking for. We have special surgery packages for Kenyans in India, keeping in mind that the patients are coming from all economic sections of the Kenyan society.

4. Language Assistance: This is a very crucial issue because health issues need to be communicated accurately and also the treatment suggested by the doctor. So, we look after this issue by arranging expert translators/interpreters for Kenya patients.

5. Special food: Every treatment and procedure comes along with its own dietary restrictions. We make sure that the food issues and such restrictions are well taken care of. Customized diet plans are proffered keeping in mind speedy recovery and for better outcomes.

6. Follow up services: Follow up is important both for the patient as well as the doctor/surgeon. We ensure that there are no interruptions in the follow up. We arrange for follow up services even after the Kenya patient is back in his/her own country, after his/her successful surgery in India.

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7. Quick visa assistance: We have 24/7 visa assistance staff to look after all the queries and needs related to visa, so that Kenya patients get easy medical visa to India from Kenya.

8. Free services to other family members: Not only of the Kenya patients but we also take care of their family members. We arrange for free annual checkups for their family members too. Further, we also provide them special diet plans as per their health requirements.

To get the benefits of all the serviced mail us your queries on: enquiry@tour2india4health.com OR call us on +91-9325887033

Availability of Progressive treatment facilities at the Best Hospitals in India for Kenya Patients
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