Facing a Hair Loss? Follow these Simple Tips to Keep Hair Fall Away!


Hair loss is a common issue that most person irrespective of their gender suffer. The most listed problems of hair fall are stress, pregnancy, major trauma or illnesses. Some medicines are also reported to cause hair loss. The medicines which  causes excessive hair fall includes blood thinners, called anticoagulants. These medicines are usually consumed for problems of gout. The traces of anticoagulants can be found in medicines used in chemotherapy for cancer. Excessive intake of vitamin A, birth control pills & antidepressants can also lead to severe hair damage.  Of the major problems there are certain infections like fungal infections of the scalp can also cause hair loss. But, not to worry! As these can be easily treated with antifungal medicines.


Hair loss can also occur as part of a disease that you may be suffering, such as diabetes. It is important for the patient to find the cause so that it can be treated since hair loss is usually an early sign of a disease. Depending on the type of hair loss, treatments are available. Recognizing and treating an infection may help to get rid of the hair loss. Correcting a hormone imbalance may prevent further hair loss. Medicines may also help slow or prevent the development of common baldness.

Suggestions for Hair Loss Medicine:

Minoxidil, is considered as a commonly prescribed medicine for hair loss and  is available without a prescription. It is applied directly to the scalp. Both men and women can use Minoxidil. Finasteride another chemical composition for Hair loss is available with a prescription. It comes in pills and is only for men. Finasteride works only for men, but it takes about 6 months to know its effect.  During emergency if adequate treatment is not available for your type of hair loss, you may consider trying different hairstyles or wigs, hairpieces, hair weaves or artificial hair replacement.

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Types of Hair Loss for Men and Women

  1. Male pattern baldness is receding hairline and a bald patch development in men it is linked to male hormones, androgens.

The most practical solution to in male pattern hair loss is to take the oral contraceptive pill, which can block the male hormones (androgens) and it prevent further hair loss. One can try minoxidil (Regaine) lotion, which is easily available over the counter.

  1. In women, it is unclear whether hormones do play a part. It is often caused due to inherited tendency. If you are approaching menopause, then consider HRT which may halt the process and restore some hair thickness. One can use blood test, but it can let you know whether you are approaching the menopause despite regular periods. If no particular cause is found, advice from a skilled hairdresser is best.

There are many commercial sources of help with hair loss problems, but you need to be a little skeptical and careful before spending lots of money on untested or unproven wonder cures. Follow home made treatment that can be helpful to prevent hair loss to an extent.

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