Can Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer drugs be the cure for Hair Loss?


Though the issue of baldness falls under the genetic issues, it simply doesn’t mean that people having the gene would end up going bald. However, this also doesn’t really mean that people without the genetic issue do not fall prey to this issue. With all said and done, you do not need to fret still. As per a new study, there are certain drugs being developed, which not only combat rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer and that’s not all the creams also stimulate the hair growth. This can help in getting cure to baldness claims the researchers. Too good to believe, but it’s a fact, and how about digging deep in the subject.

Cancer treatment linked to hair loss

Cancer Drug

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Though it’s a proven fact that the cancer treatment are linked to issues like hair loss, yet there are several drugs known as JAK inhibitors that can really help in growing the hair. Also, another drug known as Tofacitinib or Xeljianz that fits the sot in treating the issues like rheumatoid arthritis, while the other is known as Ruxolitinib or Jakafi, which helps in treating the cancers. The research team led by Angele Christiano at Columbia University these days are busy in testing certain kind of drugs for treating rare kind of hair loss known as alopecia areata. This condition is often caused due to the ability of the immune system that attacks the hair follicles. The drugs are also seen suppressing certain irrelevant immune responses. This is the reason why they are seen helping with different kinds of blood cancer and also the issue of arthritis.

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The Research Results

As per reports of American Academy of Dermatology, more than 80 millions of people in the US alone have been facing the problem of hair loss and face baldness. You have treatment options like Rogaine, which are found to treat the hair loss, however, these are not just confined powers. They often tend to simply stimulate the hair follicles over the growing longer rather than producing the peach fuzz that common over men’s heads facing male pattern baldness as per the research head Christiano. As per the researcher, they were seen testing the topical applicants over the skin of a mouse followed by the scalp tissue of human being, which was grafted over the mice. The research reported that it proved effective both for the mice and scalp of human. This simply suggested that it can have a positive impact in terms of combating the issue of baldness among human beings. The same research also found ways to treat the cancer patients who after undergoing the chemotherapy get back their hair with these drugs. These drugs simply help in initiating the regrowth of the hair, which help in activating the hair follicle stem cells.


Hair Loss Treatment

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Any Side Effects of Cancer treatment?

Well in terms of side effects, the drugs treating cancer or rheumatoid arthritis can have the impact to some extent. The fact of the matter is these drugs can cause a number of infections especially when these are used in a topical way with the help of any cream that can reduce the exposure over the patients. As per a known professor of Dermatology called Dr. Brett King based at Yale University School of Medicine at New Heaven embarked with a caution that the hair growth you get with these drugs after the hair loss due to these medical conditions like cancer and other issues is simply different the ones you had earlier. The factors responsible in the hair growth in this case would be different than the others. This simply means that the research study simply shows that the drugs are seen helping people with the hair follicles.

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Can Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer drugs be the cure for Hair Loss?
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