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FUE, follicular unit extraction is a type of hair transplant that allows the removal of hair graft bit by bit from the hair donor by employing the use of a punch tool.

To go through the process of FUE, the scalp has to be rid of hair before the follicular unit extraction can take place. The follicular unit extraction method permits the surgeon to harvest the second hair graft one by one from the donor; the graft donation from the harvest area is small. Modern hospitals may need to get extraction away from this zone and that will result in a thin hair and the patients might begin to experience hair loss as they begin to age.

The follicular unit extraction has its own advantage as some patients who do not like full hair prefer to go through this process. Follicular unit of extraction is also applicable when the hair to be transplanted is only meant for a small space; example of such might be transplant of the eyebrow or treatment of scars.

Follicular unit extraction in Male

This process helps to make the appearance of men change for the better. This process is less aggressive and can take several days but comes with little or no pain and does not give deposits of scars. The outcome of this type of FUE process comes with a perfect assurance, it also gives a natural look and stay of the transplant is everlasting and not noticeable. The process involves the removal of hair one after the other from the back side of the head or the side of the head and then transplanted bit by bit into the area experiencing hair loss.

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This process is the best for the transformation of a man’s appearance for the best.

Follicular unit extraction in Female

The scalp of the female is totally scrapped so as to extract follicular units from the scrapped scalp one after the other. This leaves tiny circles of red dots on the scalp which eventually vanishes on its own. The micro-scars that is left from the extraction will be covered by the growing hair of the female. Time taken to get back the scrapped hair is in the region of ten days and to reach a centimeter of hair growth a month will be needed. Females whose hair is as long as thirty centimeter will have to wait for two years to get it back to that length.

Female Hair loss Treatment

The treatment of female hair loss employs the use of a medication called Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5%. This is the only FDA certified medicine for the treatment of pattern hair loss in female. This singular dosage per day medicine gives an outcome of 81% assurance for the females consuming it. This medication allows hair to reach its full potential growth. However, patience is needed when taking this treatment as it can last for months before noticeable actions are experienced. The time of meditation can be combined with a diet to help you also lose weight and be stunning after finishing the treatment, not to mention that there is also effective medication to help you in that direction.

Male Hair Loss Treatment

To regain your hair line as a man you can employ the use of some medications which will help to put your hair back in shape. Finasteride (Propecia) is a good treatment for hair loss in men; however you should seek medical opinion before taking the medicine. Minoxidil is also an appropriate medication for treatment of hair loss in men.

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