Affordable Cochlear Implant for Hearing Loss in India


Affordable Cochlear Implant for Hearing Loss in India

Cochlear Implant: Hearing Loss Treatment

Many studies say that loss of hearing may lead to physical and psychological impacts. Hearing loss may happen suddenly or with time; whatever the situation but it surely is depressing for the patients and disconnects them from their surroundings. Further, it can be quite frustrating to strain all the time to hear what others are saying.

Therefore, medical experts are working hard to find more innovative ways to make things easier for such patients. One of the most effective methods is the use of Cochlear Implants. A Cochlear implant is an electronic device, which works as the affected part of the inner ear also called as the Cochlea, in order to supply sound signals to the brain for better hearing. This is a recognized, very competent and long term solution for patients facing profound sensorineural hearing loss. This electronic device is surgically implanted, thus it bypasses the diseased part of the ear and directly stimulates the hearing nerve. Cochlear Implants transform the sound waves to electrical impulses due to which the hearing is much clearer.

Who is not eligible for a Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear Implants Surgery in India has become quite popular today but not everyone is an apt candidate for this procedure:

  • For this implant procedure, the patients must have moderate to profound hearing loss but mostly candidates have severe to profound hearing loss
  • Also the patients should have a functioning auditory nerve otherwise the patient is not eligible for this procedure
  • Another consideration is the risk of surgery. Though Cochlear Implant surgery doesn’t have much risks associated with it, but some patients with medical issues may be unable to withstand the procedure

Cochlear Implant surgery procedure

This surgery is done under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon implants the receiver under the patient’s skin by making a small cut. This receiver is then connected to electrodes that are placed in the Cochlea. Generally, after one or two weeks after the procedure, the doctor will fit the speech processor. This time gap is important for the incision to heal. This speech processor is a microphone, and the patient wears this behind the ear and it looks like a hearing aid. Also, the patient can wear this somewhere else as well, depending on his/her age and lifestyle.

When there are any sounds around the patient, the microphone and the processor pick these sounds and turn them into electrical impulses. Then the transmitter sends these signals to the receiver placed under the patient’s skin. Then the receiver conveys about these signals to the electrodes in the Cochlea, which then stimulate the hearing nerve. Finally, this nerve takes these signals to the brain and the patient recognizes these as sounds.

Cochlear Implant surgery recovery

This procedure takes an hour or two and usually, the patient can go home on the same day. The patient may feel mild to moderate pain in and around the ear or have a headache for initial few days or some popping or clicking sound around the ear and feel dizzy, but generally all this goes away within a week. Also, the swelling behind the ear will go in 3-5 weeks and the scar due to the incision will also fade with time. The doctor doesn’t activate the implant till the incision has healed, which takes about 3-6 weeks. Most people are able to get back to work in 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

Cochlear Implants Surgery cost in India

Affordability is one of the most attractive features of India as a medical tourism destination.  Every kind of treatment and procedure is very reasonably priced here. Similarly, Cochlear Implant Hearing Aid cost in India is also very sensibly priced much to the relief of the patients. Thus, it is very easy for the medical tourists to finalize availing Cochlear Implants surgery in India.


India has gained a lot of popularity in the matter of these advanced procedures like Cochlear Implants. The Indian hospitals and the surgeons are ensuring the best outcomes and long term benefits for the medical tourists. Further, the affordable Cochlear Implant Surgery cost in India is making the health tour to India all the more rewarding.

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