Should Know: What Care Taken Before, During And After Liposuction Surgery?


Before undergoing liposuction surgery, you should get a complete physical exam done so that your doctor can determine if you are an ideal candidate for liposuction. It is important to discuss with your doctor about any medical conditions you have before the surgery. You should also inform about any medications, including herbal or non-prescription ones to your doctor. Discuss about the procedure thoroughly with your doctor before undergoing it.

Your physician may recommend you to undergo this procedure and you should ask him the questions including what to expect during and liposuction and the complications which occur with it. Some physicians will give you well-written information about the liposuction surgery and you can also visit the website to book your appointment for discussing the procedure with your doctor. You should have someone to drive you to your appointment as well post surgery since you will be tired and uncomfortable and unable to drive home yourself. Therefore, discuss about this with your physician a day before the procedure. You will be prescribed an antibiotic drug before and after the surgery to prevent infections.

During the liposuction surgery, the surgeon will mark your body with a pen to indicate where the fat has to be removed. You will be given anesthesia which will prevent you from feeling the pain. Sometimes local anesthesia is used in the area where the surgery needs to be performed. The anesthesia is injected along with a fluid which is buffered salt and epinephrine, a drug for reducing bleeding. Large volumes will b einjected until the skin becomes firm. You will be awake during the procedure if your physician uses the local anesthesia. Other physicians use general anesthesia which will put you to sleep for the entire procedure which is done in a hospital.

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After the anesthesia is working, your surgeon will make an incision in the area where the liposuction needs to be performed. A canula or a hollow tube about the size and shape of a skinny pen is inserted into the incision and this will be moved back and forth to suction out the fat. The fat and liquid being injected are collected in a flask. Your surgeon will monitor the amount of fluid and fat which has been removed, since it is necessary to replace some of the fluid. Often it is done through IV line for the replacement of fluid.

After the surgery, the time you need to stay in the hospital will depend on the amount of far removed, location of the hospital, etc. You can leave the hospital as soon as the surgery is over or will need to spend the night in the surgical center or hospital. Ask your doctor how long will it take before you can return back to your normal level of activity to know how much work you will miss due to liposuction. The cuts may be leaky or drain fluids for several days post surgery. In some cases, the doctor may insert a drainage tube to drain the fluid away from the wound. You will wear special tight garments to keep your skin compressed post surgery. Your doctor will tell you ho wlong you will need to wear these and it may be usually for few weeks.

Most probably your doctor will give you some after surgery instructions which include wearing the compression garments, the level of activity which can be performed safely and the antibiotic prescription. You will have the information about the sins of problems you should be aware such as the signs if infection postop and other signs to look for. After the anesthesia wears off, some of you will experience pain. If you experience extreme pain for a long duration, then you must contact your physician immediately. You will have swelling and pain after the surgery. In case the swelling and pain remains for weeks or even monthsm then these may be the signs of infection and therefore you should immediately contact your doctor. You will have small scars on the site of surgery.

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